kabbalah jewelry wholesale At the beginning, Wang Fuzhong, an economist who did not respect farmers, did not respect the farmers. What happened later?

kabbalah jewelry wholesale

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  1. wholesale chains for jewelry making At the time, Wang Fuzhong, an economist who said "eliminating farmers" and did not respect farmers. Later, he also sincerely apologized to farmers' friends. People have become a lot of low -key and rarely conduct public activities.
    "Destroying farmers" is purely nonsense. The credit of agriculture and farmers is very large for friends who are more than middle age. The reform also started from agriculture first. Everyone should remember that in our textbook, the small gangchen village, the acting of the contract to the household can be said to have taken the first step in reform. This step is very difficult. In that era, it was Need to bear great risks. Therefore, on the path of reform and development, the status of agriculture and farmers is very high, and even higher than the industry.
    So is it necessary to "reserve" agriculture and farmers today as a new era? The answer is yes, and it is beyond doubt. The simplest example is just like Zhao Benshan's sketches: what you eat without farmers' hard work, what you wear without farmers, you have no food and wear, you are still 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚 嘚What. Such a truth that even the farmers who do not even have a culture of the older generation know. As an economist, why do you understand confusion?
    It is undeniable, now it is an era of "a hundred schools of contention". Many people can express their own ideas at will. It is reasonable to say that this is a good thing. Only different voices, different opinions and suggestions can make the problem get the problem to get the problem. To improve better, many things can be better resolved and developed. But everyone is very clear in their hearts. Those who want to rely on the public to make themselves will eventually fall painful, because today's people, including our farmers' friends, are no longer the "listening to". Everyone is everywhere. Individuals will have their own correct value orientation. Therefore, if you want to obtain traffic and achieve famous behaviors by "amazing words", it will eventually be eliminated and even falls miserable.
    The scholars should focus on studying. For economists, they will have a deep understanding of agriculture. They should be farmers who are more than farmers in the field. These experts also know the important position of agriculture and farmers. They know what "canceling farmers" means, and why do they still have such rhetoric in this way? The so -called: "The words are not amazing." If you don't say something wrong, how can you keep everyone remember yourself? Just like many film and television stars hyped yourself, whether it is positive or rumored, as long as it is "mentioned", so that everyone can know and remember themselves.
    , as a researcher, the author feels that their focus and their own pursuit of life should be specialized in academic research. They should work silently instead of looking around and trying to make themselves famous. In other words, your contribution will naturally become famous without frying. For example, Professor Yuan Longping, who doesn't know him? But have he hyped himself, and he heard about it?
    In short, scholars should come up with the spirit and style of scholars, do not fight for fame and fortune, and focus on research, and mostly contribute to agriculture and farmers. Such talents will be respected and loved.

  2. fine jewelry wholesale suppliers As we all know, the billions of people in our world can live and live in peace, and their livelihoods are inseparable from the development of agriculture in the world. Agriculture is the first industry in all industries, and the industry, the service industry is called the second industry and the tertiary industry, why the simplest and most simple agriculture is actually the first industry in front of the industry and service industry. Woolen cloth? Because we human beings can live in a large -scale living life, we must rely on the workers of the peasant uncle for so long, and plant food that can make us eat, so that we humans can survive long. Even in the era when our science and technology level is so developed, agriculture is still an industry that cannot be replaced in the world. Most areas in the world are rural areas.
    The countries have developed very rapidly in recent decades. Since the reform and opening up, my country's industrial and service industries have shown a trend of straight upward rising trends. Now it has reached a very developed point. But even in the era of our economic and social development, agriculture is a foundation for our society to take root. Chairman Mao emphasized the importance of agriculture in the past. He said that humans are inseparable from agriculture. Agriculture is the key to the victory of people's war and the base point for development. However, in modern times, some people have lived a very good life, so they think that the agriculture is no longer important, and even feels that agriculture is optional. Professor Peking University in my country had said wildly that he would "eliminate farmers" and did not respect the farmers. So what happened to him later? Let me take a look with you.
    [Professor Wang Fuzhong of Peking University]
    Wang the name of the protagonist we are talking about today is Wang Fuzhong. Wang Fuzhong was born in a city from a young age. The conditions of the learning environment are very superior. Life. Because the parents' salary is relatively high, it is a very rich type of people in the local area, so Wang Fuzhong also has what he wants since he was a child, and he is very smart, and his grades in the school are also very outstanding. pregnancy. In the college entrance examination, Wang Fuzhong also took a very good grade and entered his ideal college study economics. Later, he became a professor at Peking University with his own efforts and talents. Wang Fuzhong's achievements and pride.
    [Proposal "Destroy the Farmers
    , but after Wang Fuzhong became an economist at Peking University, he once said madly that he would "eliminate farmers", because Wang Fuzhong found that the Agricultural Institute in the study found that the Agricultural Office was found in the study. The economic development brought is very small, and he believes that most of the farmers are some people who have not read books at all. People who have been studying are very ignorant and lower the population quality of our country. Because there is no knowledge, he can only do this kind of farm work that is not useful. Wang Fuzhong was opposed by a lot of public opinion.
    [Wang Fuzhong apologized]
    In after many people refute Wang Fuzhong's words, Wang Fuzhong also quickly realized his mistakes. His understanding is still too one -sided. Under the pressure of public opinion, Wang Fuzhong also apologized to the farmers. Now he has become a lot of low -key and continues to study academics. What do you think about this?

  3. treasure island jewelry wholesale Hello, at the time, Wang Fuzhong, an economist who did not respect farmers who did not respect farmers and had no scientific theory, was resisted by many netizens. Such economists do not know whether there is any common sense, even if it is not a farmer, but they should also know the importance of farmers to creating economy. In fact, the farmer's economy is the agricultural economy. The data that agriculture dedicated in our economy may not be very large, but it is the most important. The industry is developed and there is no agriculture. of.
    Wang Fuzhong's remarks were criticized by everyone, and no one would agree with his fallacy of his "eliminating farmers" economy. Later, he only exited like a clown, and he didn't want to let our economy fly as he said. my country is a large agricultural country and a large population country. Farmers' dedication to society is huge. Because of the farmers planting food and breeding animal husbandry, we guarantee our food stability.
    Is looking at the current developed countries. In addition to the development of industrial technology, their agriculture is also the same. The farmers have lived a good life through the income of agriculture. Wang Fuzhong was born in the city. He may not have seen how rice grows, and he does not know that the food he eats every day is the result of farmers' labor. Therefore, it is difficult for such a professor to understand the peasant economy, and it is also difficult to recognize the importance of the farmers' economy.
    Wang Fuzhong believes that the dedication of agriculture has very little dedication to the economy. Therefore, to make the Chinese get rich, we must destroy farmers. I can't believe that this is what an economist said, so it is normal for him to be voiced by most people.
    later he had to apologize for his wrong remarks. He realized that his view was inappropriate and hurt the farmers' self -esteem. After this incident, I think that if he wants to do a good study of an economist, you should practice more, because practice will be truthful. Just for the sake of the eye, it is completely unnecessary to be famous. Everyone's eyes are clear. Later, he depressed for a long time, hoping to do research attentively.

  4. sterling silver wholesale jewelry new york

    Wang Fuzhong said: Farmers have not contributed, sweating strongly, this is a manifestation of laziness and stupidity ... In fact, I personally think he is ashamed of the title of economist.

    did farmers contribute much to the food we eat? Then I want to ask who we eat the food is great?
    Way food grows from? Naturally in the land. Will the land grow out of thin air? Certainly not!

    does not need farmers' friends to sort out land, sprinkle fertilizer, sowing, cure diseases, irrigation watering, weeding seedlings, and harvesting? It is precisely because of the day after day, the year after day, the year -on -year hard work is on the land, facing the loess to the sky, not afraid of suffering, no fear of harvesting, and the supply of food to buy and sell food. Wanhu's dining table.
    The hard -to -day food is the hard -earned by farmers' friends. Wang Fuzhong economists even said that farmers have not contributed much with food. I wonder if you have been in the countryside and experience the life of rural areas? You ca n’t talk about the soldiers on paper, and ordinary people should be reasonable and reasonable. Besides, Wang Fuzhong is still a professor, so when speaking, you must be reasonable and responsible.

    For farmers' friends, they made no regrets on the loess, and they were at sunset. Diligent cultivation to plant your own land. In addition, when farmers were leisure, farmers' friends also went out to work, did the hardest and most tired job in all corners of the city, and contributed their own strength to the construction of the city. The dedication of farmers' friends is even more respectful.
    A small stars also have the right to glow. Although farmers' friends have a low level of culture, they would rather bear the hard work of this physical labor. Sweating and sweating, this is what they want, relying on their own efforts to earn their own hard -earned money, and they earn the money very well. Therefore, economist Wang Fu is requested to respect the farmers, respect the labor of the farmers, and do not judge the peasant group.
    [Wang Fuzhong apologized]
    In after many people refute Wang Fuzhong's words, Wang Fuzhong also quickly realized his mistakes. His understanding is still too one -sided. Under the pressure of public opinion, Wang Fuzhong also apologized to the farmers. Now he has become a lot of low -key and continues to study academics.

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