time and tru jewelry wholesale What does it mean to wash the dish?

time and tru jewelry wholesale

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  1. acrylic jewelry display stands wholesale The dish washing is a term in stock transactions. It means that when the main funds are at a certain stage of the stock price, the floating bargaining is cleaned through the method of suppressing the stock price, so that retail investors will hand over chips when washing the dish. For cheap chips, during the rise of the market outlook, due to the large base, the income will increase, and there is no need to worry about the impact of floating chips.
    The dealers can withdraw from those who are not determined through dishes, and provide opportunities for some investors who want to enter the market. Because the market outlook is re -entered, the investment cost is increased, and investors cannot sell stocks at will, which will help the dealer to raise the stock price in the future and make a profit from it.
    The reasons for washing dishes
    First, the small and medium -sized retail investors who buy stocks at low prices to reduce the pressure when the stock rises.
    The second, increase the average cost of holders, and ensure that the dealer escaped smoothly during the final shipment.
    Third, reduce your position cost and maximize your profits.

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