1 thought on “Tianyi Cloud OpenStack adopts several layers of architecture”

  1. Tianyi Cloud OpenStack adopts a three -layer architecture.
    1, layered (in architecture), three layers, global components, auxiliary components, core components.
    2, layered in a single core component/service, API, sub -function module, others.
    It different projects according to different functions and universalism, and the lecket system.
    It different services according to different functions, and isolate each other between services. Only the API is used as a unified interactive entrance to connect with each other.
    Che different services according to the function and through sexuality, and divorce a finishing function into each sub -service/sub -function. Easy to manage and discharge barrier.
    Fladed components: Ironic, TROVE, HERT, Sahara (provided some necessary management and services):
    ironic: naked metal (bare metal), create a operating system after calling resources, so A operating system that can be used, a node and virtual machine used, management and controlling basic hardware resources.

    trove: database/management database services, can manage relationships and non -relational databases, database storage information and data, storage of OpenStack most core instance data, storage data of each component, calls of each component, calls for each component Data and usage and various logs.
    hert, sahara: For data analysis, arrangement and processing, refined management and arrangement of data are more reasonable.

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