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  1. China Merchants Bank's card balance (including foreign currency) can choose the following channels for query:
    1. Log in to mobile banking to enter "My → Account Total Observatory" to see the balance of the "Tail number xxxx" related card display. If you want to query the card, you need to associate the card first.
    This reminder: If the balance is involved with your expected, it is recommended to query the check -in information of the current transaction;
    2, after logging in to the professional version, you can view the renminbi in "One Card → Account Management → Account Inquiry". Foreign currency balance;
    3, after logging in to the popular version, select "Account Management → Account Inquiry";
    4. After calling the hotline of our travel service service, the balance of the balance of time: select "1-1-1" in turn; Inquiry from the entire amount: select "1-1-4-1-1" in turn; zero deposit balance inquiries: select "1-1-4-2-1" in turn; notify the deposit balance query: select "1-1-1-in order 1-4-3-1 ".
    (Answee time: August 13, 2020, please refer to the official website of China Merchants Bank)

  2. Inquiry through the website. Generally, the website of the local Human Resources and Social Security Bureau provides social security inquiry business and can inquire by itself.
    It can be queried by WeChat. Nowadays, the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in many places has its own WeChat signal. After paying attention to WeChat, it is bound to your account, and real -name authentication can query your personal account balance.
    It with Alipay query, now Alipay also provides electronic social security card function. This function can be inquiring about the balance of social security cards in urban service-social security-electronic social security cards-social security cards.
    It can also be found in the cards of the social security card. You can check the ID card and social security card to the counter window.
    The social security halls in many cities now generally have their own self -service equipment, which can be queried on self -service terminal devices.
    It when you buy medicine in the pharmacy swiping social security card, you can also ask the pharmacy staff to use a credit card machine to help you inquire about the balance of the social security card's personal account.

  3. 1. You can go to the bank for query 2. You can download the bank's app, and then register the account to bind your bank card number you want to check.

  4. You can query through the mobile banking, you can also go to the teller's machine, and you can also take your ID card and bank card to the counter for query (I).

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