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  1. Coin./index.jsp Here
    Method steps:
    Login ID — click on the username in the upper right corner to enter the personal center -"Baidu Coin/Antivirus" below the right side of the right side "Account recharge" can see the current balance

  2. Common questions:
    1 What is Baidu currency? What is a Baidu currency account?
    "Baidu currency" is the only virtual currency launched by Baidu's consumption on the Internet. During the consumption process, 1 Baidu currency is worth 1 yuan.
    Each Baidu registered user has the only corresponding "Baidu coin account", which can save and manage the Baidu coins they have.

    2 How to open my Baidu currency account?
    Is when users recharge the Baidu currency account for the first time, the Baidu currency account is automatically opened. When the account is opened, the "payment password" is equal to the "login password".

    3 What is the payment password?
    The role of payment password and user login password is different:
    · Baidu user login, use the login password to verify the identity; identity.
    When the Baidu coin account is opened, the "payment password" defaults to the "login password". To ensure that your interests are not damaged, please set the "payment password" separately. Do not be the same as the "login password".

    4 What should I do if the password is forgotten?
    In the first modification of the payment password, the password is required to prompt questions and answers. When you forget to pay the password, you can re -set up a payment password by answering this question.

    5 How to recharge the Baidu currency account?
    1. Visit Baidu Coin recharge management center.
    2. Select a recharge method.
    3, complete the recharge operation according to the page prompts.
    4. After success, Baidu Coin will be charged into your Baidu coin account.

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