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  1. Twenty -five sidelines suitable for civil servants: invest in wealth management, write novels, translate, online shop customer service, self -media, open Taobao shop, micro -business driver, online car driver, website as webmaster, earn advertising fee, game anchor , Foreign exchange transactions, amateur models, and so on.
    1. Investment and financial management: Everyone needs to learn investment and financial management. I know many people investing very well, and I have made a lot of money in my amateur stocks; some people make tens of thousands of principals to achieve two million. Investment is not only stocks and futures, but also tools such as gold, foreign exchange, Bitcoin, etc., and the income and risks are also very high. Be careful. Salted fish, just buy some short -term financial management.
    2. Writing novels: Many novel websites will have a full -time award, and there will be hundreds of yuan in bonuses for more than 4,000 words a day. Then if you have nothing to do, writing novels is also a good choice.
    3, Translation: There are many websites that publish part -time translation tasks. Translation of an article can also bring good benefits.
    4, online shop customer service: Taobao has a lot of part-time customer service jobs. Some friends may not know where the entrance is. In fact, you can see it on Taobao's homepage-website navigation-Tao work.
    5. Being self -media: Now the mainstream self -media has WeChat public accounts, headlines, Baijia, penguin, big fish, Sohu, etc., continuously output valuable vertical content, can attract many fans. After more fans can open advertisements. Increased reading will also bring benefits. An article like Baijia and Toutiao can even bring a hundred yuan in income.
    6, open Taobao shop: The store opening method for delivery on behalf of the source of the goods can be 0 cost. You can go to 1688 to find a product, as long as there are enough products on the shelves, someone will buy it. People who come to ask do not care. Such people generally do not buy them. You only need to pay for the delivery after paying. This is enough to worry enough for office workers. If you are full -time, you can take care of it.

  2. According to the provisions of the Civil Service Law, civil servants cannot engage in or participate in profit -making activities, and concurrently hold their positions in enterprises or other profitable organizations. What does it mean? Profit activities refer to business activities that are profitable for profit, such as opening stores, companies, real estate, etc., which refers to the name of their own. , Entering and other behaviors, participate in business activities.
    Therefore, in accordance with the above regulations, civil servants cannot engage in business benefits. So can civil servants do not make money to make money?
    not! It is not possible to engage in the business of business. Such as non -commercial sub -business, can still be done. For example: writing, teaching, non -commercial consultation.
    The non -commercial sub -business can be divided into: selling brain power and beta.
    The first type is: investment and financial management.
    The salary of civil servants is stable. According to personal income, take part of the fund wealth management. This fund wealth management is very suitable for office workers of civil servants, and the longer the time, the better, you can directly retire. As for income, a few decades can be a multiplier level.
    The general civil servants' income is not high, and comrades who are unwilling to leave the system and are not satisfied with the status quo. Most of them will choose to use stocks to use stocks. Wait, different.
    All in all, as long as you learn some primary financial knowledge, set up a profit point and stop loss point, try to choose medium- and long -term investment, do not blindly chase the rise and fall, and finally, with the development of the country's economy and the industry The market prosperity is divided into a cup.
    of course, if your funds are large enough, investment in real estate is also a very good side business. Doing investment real estate as a professional, this depends on a large capital cost.
    Mushing to buy a house and selling houses will not violate the law. But if you make an intermediary and a developer, you will violate the regulations.
    advantages: the income is effective, the barriers to enter the industry are low; the disadvantage: the investment is too high, the investment is too high, and the investment is too small and does not "quench thirst".
    The recommendation of participating in Teacher Yan's "Freedom Formula of Fortune" and "Financial Challenge Camp", you will have a comprehensive understanding of your financial planning and financial management.
    The second recommended sideline: creation. The "writing" skills of civil servants will not be too bad. If you have talent and interest in this area, you can make a manuscript fee through writing. If you still have unique insights or rich knowledge in some respect, you can even publish books. Estimation fees are charged.
    of course, in addition to writing, if you have conditions and talents in terms of composition, painting, photography, etc., you can also try.
    If through writing, you can publish books, columns, and obtain manuscript revenue for a long time. In fact, it is a very good sideline project suitable for civil servants.
    is easy to publish books now, and it is easy to publish a column on the self -media platform, so this is actually a legal sideline.
    advantages: broad development space; disadvantages: there is a certain threshold for entry.
    , as long as you persist, you now have a variety of writing courses.
    It you can also write through self -media channels, and these self -media channels make money to make money, write headlines to win Qingyun programs and traffic monetization without violation of regulations.
    The third recommended sideline is to use the Internet to do part -time tasks.

    mading tasks virtual resource projects
    The money to make poor information, there will be some platforms on the Internet to do activities to pull popularity or enhance their popularity. Users can get cash by completing the tasks released by the platform. Return or physical reward.
    Many people only talk about knowing that there are tasks on the Internet, and see some people doing tasks to make money, but do not understand the principle of task. The principle is very simple. The days of e -commerce are not good. Many people collect these tasks specifically and give friends without information channels to make some money to move bricks. Then the question comes, how can you find the task and want to do the task? The following is a method!
    The here is a variety of online activities specially held in order to improve the popularity of the popularity. Users only need to simply participate to get a certain cash reward, and sometimes there will be physical taller fees.
    I is a software publishing project and task I have done now. I recommend it. The software name is called the Fujian Society. There are many types, there are tasks, some basic training courses for making money online, various virtual resource projects Tutorials, etc., you can search on Baidu. In addition to the task, there are some system training courses for making money online, various resource and resource project tutorials, etc. I have also increased a lot of knowledge, which is more suitable for novice Xiaobai. Being able to learn knowledge technology can be used as a part -time job. I just contacted some simple activities and task categories to earn more than 2,000 yuan in the first month. The operation is very simple to spend an hour a day, so I do more time to do virtual resources inside The project can also have a few hundred pieces a day. The virtual resources are very rich. There is a summary. The key is to do it!
    If in the software, it will be used as a zero flower. Normally, you can earn thousands of pieces in January. Essence
    We we emphasize the reasonable and legitimate to make money, and do not touch the law.

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