1 thought on “VDS's RDS (MAX) technology meaning in Chinese”

  1. VDS is the abbreviation of Virus Detection System. It is a general term for device -type product forms that can be used for computer virus -related detection in network transmission data. VDS network security equipment adds a full network alarm line to the traditional hosting anti -virus mechanism, which can enhance the timeliness and accuracy of large -scale network virus prevention, and provide a global monitoring view of the current status of network viruses for large -scale network viruses. The other is the VDS independent proxy system. In short, based on the EasyWeb2.0 virtual host management platform Powerful, simple and convenient maintenance of virtual independent server management systems.

    is a relationship database service (RDS) is an online database service that is used, or stable, reliable, and elastic retractable. It has multiple security protection measures and perfect performance monitoring systems, and provides professional database backup, recovery and optimization solutions, so that you can focus on application development and business development.

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