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  1. Catwoman, also known as Cat Woman, is a virtual person in the "Batman" series of DC comic companies. It is created by Bill Fen Ge and Bob Kane. Relatives Ruth Steel. The most primitive and most known catwoman is Selina Kyle. The first appeared in the first issue of "Batman" comics (published in the spring of 1940), the image of a cat. As the enemy of Batman, she is a whip and likes to adventure. Modern writers believe that catwoman's actions and clothing are characterized by a response to the history of abuse. In the 1990s, Cat Woman became independent. She is a "non -leading heroine" in the comic series of the same name, not a villain heroine. In the comics, she is the longest love for Batman and is considered one of Batman's true love. (In Detective Comics 848, he once confess to Cat Girl.)

    Themaker as a popular role, Cat Woman often appears in the rewriting of Batman created by the media. The three actresses of Julie Newmar, Lee, and Eartha Kitt, which were released in the 1960s, were released in the TV series "Batman" and the movie "Batman" in the 1960s, "Batman" and 1966 " "Batman" presents the image of Cat Woman to the audience. Michelle Pfeiffer also played the role of Cat Woman in the movie "Batman Return", which was released in 1992. Halle Berry, released in 2004, "Cat "Women" starred in "Cat Woman". Unfortunately became a box office poison. Annie Hathaway plays a sexy cat woman in "Batman: The Rise of the Dark Knight" released in 2012.

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