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  1. Under the new "coat", what are the common funds for illegal fundraising?
    illegal fundraising often promises "principal and interest" and "small Mara caotomy". At present, many principals promises are more secretive and are not written in the agreement of the agreement, but promised investors verbally.

    Huang Linren was once the owner of a financial management company, doing some civil loan business. Now that he has no time to take care of his company, but in order to make a "investment" error, he represents the illegal fund -raising victims to run around to minimize the loss of property.
    3 years ago, Huang Linren contacted the banks in the north and leaned out some funds to the North Huiyin. At that time, the "Dance International Tourism Resort" of the Northern Huiyin at the junction of the two provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu developed pension real estate projects. Multiple cities in the province set up companies or branches. In the past few years, the funding was relatively convenient. The northern Huiyin promised investors to return high returns, and the funds turned well.
    "It seems now, at that time, the business scale of the enterprise had exceeded their own ability." Huang Linren said that soon after the economy began to face downward pressure. In order to maintain operation, the Northern Huiyin established two private equity fund companies to set up two private equity funds as a company, for the purpose Its project issued fund wealth management products, with a period of 6 months and a yield of 12%-14%. But soon, the problem of funds still surfaced, and the capital chain became tighter. The company had to consider raising funds from more ordinary investors, and launched a P2P online loan platform to financing related companies he packaged.

    will not last long, the holes are exposed one by one. Since the short -term borrowing and raised funds are invested in long -term projects, there is no time to return in time without cash, and the principal and interest cannot be repaid on time. Beginning in 2015, risks broke out one after another. Huang Linren has invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the process of corporate radical "circle money". "It is normal for business to make money and money, but now these fundraising models are hard to come back, it is good to be able to return 10%." Huang Linren said.
    "This approach must not work, there are too many places to use money, but the fundraising is still paying interest. Once you can't pay it, it will cause a chain reaction. The 'Little Mara Big Car' is not so strong to raise funds at all, but it has to be over -loan. Once the economy is down, the risk is exposed naturally. "The relevant person in charge of Dalian's disposal of the illegal fund -raising office told reporters.
    The private equity investment fund is becoming a new "coat" for many illegal fundraising. In the past two years, the newly established private equity investment funds have developed rapidly. Although new funds need to be registered in the China Fund Industry Association, it does not mean that the filing funds will be legally operated. "There are conditions for investment in private equity funds, and many investors do not understand. For example, the investment amount of a single private equity fund is not less than 1 million yuan; the personal financial assets of investors cannot be less than 3 million yuan, or the average annual annual annual individual in the past three years will be The income is not less than 500,000 yuan, "said Dong Ximiao, a guest researcher at the Chongyang Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China.
    The person in charge of the Economic Crime Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau said that some illegal fund -raising is under the banner of private equity investment. It is said that it can invest in private equity funds at 50,000 yuan. Moreover, private equity investment is a medium and long -term investment. There are certain investment risks, it is impossible to keep the capital, and there is a certain investment cycle. Unlike some platforms or institutions claiming to see investment income every day or even every day.
    The common point of illegal fundraising is to promise "principal and interest". "If you can't promise the capital or have a guarantee, who dares to invest in money?" The relevant person in charge of the Economic Crime Investigation Corps of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau said that many capital guarantee commitments are more secretive now and will not appear in the agreement of the agreement. Investors promised verbally. With the changes in illegal fund -raising forms, the contract text of the investment has changed from the original debit to the debt transfer agreement, and then to the limited partnership agreement of private equity funds.

    constantly "transforming", why is it difficult to raise funds illegally?
    This financial and non -financial institutions are flooding, and the trend of cross -regional and networking is obvious. The difficulty of supervision has been increased. It suddenly becomes a social "tumor". Once the old means are suppressed, the new tricks will sweep the face and breed and spread.
    "pan -wealth management" has become an important feature of illegal fundraising. According to the relevant person in charge of the Economic Crime Investigation Corporation of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the means of illegal fundraising from a single "loan", "forest investment", "debt transfer and repurchase" and other models have gradually been upgraded to "P2P network lending", "fixed", "fixed" Investment funds "" financial mutual aid wealth management "and" financial leasing claim transfer "have a variety of wealth management products. At the same time, the trend of illegal fund -raising network has become increasingly obvious. Enterprises have set up their own official website and Internet operation platforms to brag about their background, scale and strength, and issue online wealth management products through the operation platform. The degree of professionalization of illegal fund -raising crimes has also been continuously improved. It is based on the guise of catering to national policies and under the guise of "new economic formats" and "financial innovation". Moreover The difficulty is increased.
    The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Financial Services Office said that the current model of MLM Gumper raising is settled. Some platforms returned "virtual currency" to investors through the Internet, and then deceived investors to buy wealth management products. In addition, some intermediaries that show the intermediaries engaged in network technology services in the registration of industry and commerce have begun to appear signs of suspected illegal fund -raising activities. There are also some illegal fund -raising models aiming at traditional commodity marketing investment, which promises commodity repurchase and rebate through the Internet.
    The flood of quasi -financial and non -financial institutions also provides illegal fund -raising soil. "People have strong investment in investment, but financial investment awareness and knowledge are relatively scarce, and the access of good institutions should be closed at the front end." Said Zhao Yan, deputy secretary -general of the financial innovation and Internet financial legal research center of China University of Political Science and Law.
    The staff who engaged in illegal fund -raising at the grassroots level admitted that investment and financial activities are financial behavior. Under the current pattern of division of industrial supervision in the financial industry, the gap between the supervision between various industries is often the concentrated outbreak of illegal fund -raising concentrated outbreaks. Area. Many quasi -financial and non -financial institutions who have no investment experience are engaged in various types of financial activities under the banner of "investment consulting", "financial consulting" and "asset management". Threshold, regulatory rules, risks can be imagined.
    "At present, quasi -financial institutions, non -financial institutions seem to be more than those who sell green onions and garlic. Selling onions and garlic are still in the standardized vegetable market, but it is not restricted to engage in financial activities. You dragged the floor here, but the faucet over there is still open. 'For the front door' should not be opened too much. There must be a clear admission rules in these fields. What are the severe punishment to let the industry develop healthily and orderly, "said the staff member.
    The Internet of illegal fund -raising, the company involved in the case of the company's cross -provincial or cities or regional operations is very common, increasing the difficulty of supervision, and illegal fundraising institutions are complicated, accounts have a large number of accounts, the flow of funds is complicated, and the assets are difficult to recover.
    The "Zhongjin Department" as an example, the cumulative amount involved was as high as 39.9 billion yuan, and the victims had more than 12,800. At that time, the enterprise set up branches in 28 provinces, transferred assets to 3 listed companies, and there were more than 100 non -listed companies, and they acquired payment companies and financing guarantee companies. Most of these companies are empty shell companies, without physical investment projects, no real trade and business profit. Even if the blow is timely, the final loss of funds is as high as more than 4.8 billion yuan.
    "Many companies suspected of illegal fund -raising now operate cross -regional operations. They are headquartered in large cities and set up branches in second- and third -tier cities. , But now many institutions have not taken normal procedures, making it difficult for relevant government departments to grasp the truth of the enterprise and it is more difficult to supervise. "The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Municipal Financial Services Office said that the relevant departments of various places must join forces to strengthen supervision.

    This to keep the people away from illegal fundraising, what else do you do?
    The "front door", improve the level of early warning and monitoring, deal with recovery assets in advance, and preserve as much as possible to raise funds from the property of the participants
    All are the real property and family of the people. "Dalian's non -organized person in charge said that many elderly people invested with pension money and had no return. There are also some young people who have just graduated from college, their social experience is not rich, and the legal awareness is weak. After entering these companies suspected of illegal fundraising, they have not only been involved in the scam, but also put their parents and friends.
    -Strengthen institutional filing and early warning monitoring.
    Mo Zhao suggested that the commercial registration system should be improved, and an institution that issued a license to the financial regulatory authorities will be performed before the certification, that is, there is a approval document to receive the formal business license. At the same time, it is necessary to protect the font size of the licensed institution, and the key font size cannot be abused by other illegal institutions. For example, a payment company is registered in Beijing, but in other provinces and regions, some institutions can be registered successfully and apply for industrial and commercial registration. The common people are unclear, and the result is to be killed and damaged by the infringer's reputation. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the record and supervision of financial institutions, and strengthen early warning and monitoring of non -financial institutions engaged in financial activities.
    The government departments should take the initiative to increase investigation into institutions suspected of illegal fund -raising and help investors brighten their eyes. "Many illegal fund -raising institutions hire celebrities to endorse, advertise in gold areas and periods, and make the people lose their vigilance." Dalian's non -organized person in charge said that he must walk before the investment of ordinary people and kill these advertisements. " endorsement". In a previous investigation, the Dalian Office found that 46 companies published business loan advertisements in local mainstream newspapers. The registered location does not match. Some companies exceed the scope of business and have released financial borrowing advertisements. Even companies have no industrial and commercial registration information at all. In the end, only 4 have relevant borrowing borrowing pre -approval approval. "These advertisements will definitely confuse a lot of people." In the past three years, Dalian has completed more than 5,000 investment and wealth management companies' public security filing and dynamic management, exposing 38 illegal release of advertising companies.
    -should be upgraded to the Internetization trend of illegal fund -raising.
    Hang Shanghai is establishing a new type of financial industry monitoring and analysis platform. In the future, it can be warned in advance of the activities of some high -risk institutions and early detection of suspected illegal fund -raising clues. According to reports, the monitoring and analysis platform has initially collected new financial format information from relevant departments, mainly including industry monitoring, park monitoring, corporate holographic information inquiry and real -time monitoring of real -time monitoring, which can grasp the risk dynamics at multiple dimensions.
    -Increase the efforts of recovery to make the victim's rights protection.
    "Generally speaking, the case handling cycle of illegal fund -raising cases is long. It takes about two years to file a case from the public security organs to the court. Many asset -consuming assets, such as luxury cars, will depreciate in a long time. In fact, it is the money of the people. " After the court's decision, this problem will be encountered. It is hoped that the relevant laws and regulations will be issued to make operating regulations on the handling of assets involved in illegal fund -raising cases in advance, and maximize the losses of fundraising participants.
    The tried to allow the victims to participate in asset disposal in advance. For cases with a large scope of influence and many people involved, Dalian Public Recruitment of Representatives set up a representative committee. Huang Linren is a member of the Northern Huiyin Representative Committee. For a while, Huang Linren has been bridging the land that is recovered and recovered, and wants to find new investors.
    "The company's account is not complete, and the specific money is not known if it is spent. If the land is not managed, the things are lost, the trees on it died, and the rent was rented because the funds were unable to afford the funds were re -reinstated. After the division, it will cause difficulties in asset preservation. If the project is still there, as long as it can run it, the loss can be reduced. Investors can also participate in the process of asset disposal according to law, understand the progress of the matter, instead of hacking both eyes and one eye. Huang Linren said.
    -abandoned the expected high income expectations, investors should have a rational view of investment.
    "To provide investors with more compliance wealth management products, and reasonably guide investors to invest rationally. Many quasi -financial and financial activities have exaggerated the role of finance and make investors mistakenly believe that funds can swell themselves. Finance In essence, it must be supported by the real economy. There is no source of living water. How can there be high -profit investment projects? Under the current macroeconomic situation, investment and financial management still need to choose more institutions with formal financial licenses to rationally judge the income of wealth management products. After all, professionalization is specialized. After all, professionalization The investment capacity is not owned by any institution. "The relevant person in charge of the Shanghai Financial Services Office said.
    The non -office in Dalian has led the "Fortune Management Elite Competition" for two consecutive years to attract more than hundreds of financial institutions to participate in the participation of more than 100 financial institutions. , Enhance investment risk awareness and avoid falling into the illegal fund -raising trap.

  2. Hello, this is because many people are affected by high returns.
    illegal fund -raising is a criminal activity. It means that the unit or individual fails to issue funds from the public in accordance with the approval of the relevant departments in accordance with the relevant departments of shares, bonds, lottery, investment fund securities or other creditor certificates, and The commitment to repay the principal and interest or give rewards to the investors within a certain period of time in a certain period of time.
    "Criminal Law" Article 192 [Crime of fund -raising fraud] For the purpose of illegal possession, illegal fundraising is used, and the amount is large. The above more than 200,000 yuan is fine;
    is huge or other serious circumstances, and it is imprisoned for more than five years and less than ten years, and a fine of more than 500,000 yuan or less; Those who are huge or have other particularly serious circumstances, are in prison or life imprisonment of more than ten years, and have a fine of more than 500,000 yuan or less than 500,000 yuan or confiscated property.
    M illegal fund -raising cannot be panic first. The parties can report the case immediately. When the rights and interests of the parties are infringed, they can safeguard their legitimate rights and interests through legal channels.

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