1 thought on “Which is good for 1650Ti and 3050Ti?”

  1. 3050Ti is good.
    050 series graphics cards are first used on the mobile terminal. The mobile running score of the two graphics cards also has test parameters. The 3050Ti is about 15%higher than 3050. It's almost a few. In other words, the desktop level of the 3050 series graphics card starts at least higher than 1650s performance. According to the performance comparison of the 30 series graphics cards, this performance is considered a satisfactory entry level.
    The parameters of the mobile terminal are also exposed. The 4G GDDR6 video memory, so that the 3050 series graphics card is exempted from the black hand of the mining tide. At present, the execution documents of virtual currencies such as Ethereum are getting larger and larger. Not enough.
    If the desktop level adopts the same specifications, then this series must be the "poverty alleviation project" graphics card for players to suffer. The parameters of 2048 streaming processors have been completely stressed to cope with the mainstream game of the market.
    1650 In terms of performance frequency, the GTX 1650 basic frequency is 1485MHz, and the acceleration frequency is 1665MHz, but this is not a standard that can compare with the previous GTX 1050/1050 TI because the structure is different.
    and on the memory memory, it is still 4G GDDR5 video memory, the video memory frequency is 8000MHz, the video memory bit width is 128bit, and the memory bandwidth is 128GB/s.
    I grasily, TDP is still controlled at 75W, which means that it can ensure that the GTX 1650 can be guaranteed only by PCIE power. However, it extends to the manufacturer. Because there are many OC versions designed by the Super Public Edition, many manufacturers generally add an additional 6Pin power supply interface.

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