5 thoughts on “My son is 10 years old and plays the game every day. How can I solve it?”

  1. Children do not like learning knowledge, often addicted to games, and do not even sleep at night. Too many parents are likely to encounter such difficulties. Children are addicted to the game. It is likely to spend a lot of time watching the phone screen every day. The electronic screen has a great radiation effect on the child's body. It may also endanger the children’s eyes and cause vision damage. There are many disadvantages.
    What should we solve? Do the following points, let the children get rid of the game.
    we should make some positive demonstrations In order to make children indulge in mobile games, we must first use the computer moderately. As the saying goes, the child is a mirror of the parents. From the child's behavior, you can see what the parents are.

    Hewes, if our children are obsessed with the performance of mobile games, we must first examine our daily attitude towards the computer. We must not be extremely obsessed with mobile games, nor can we play computers with children.

    The wall without wind. When the child finds that the parent is stealing the computer, the child may learn our dishonesty behavior, so the problem is even more serious.
    we can plan our children's game time. We do not have to let the children contact the computer. There are also a lot of healthy content in the computer. They are also beneficial to the positive growth of the child. In addition, learning to use computers is a modern person. What must be met, otherwise he will be difficult to adapt to contemporary life.

    This is also beneficial to playing computers. Therefore, we can stipulate that children play the computer every day, and the game must be turned off when it exceeds this time. The use of computers in this way is also beneficial to children.
    Stocks of health can help children not indulge in the game. The game is extremely obsessed with mobile games. It may make children deserted their studies. The harm of the computer too much can help children use the computer regularly.

    Im parents can often tell their children some deep stories, and cultivate children's good habits that they like to read. When children have other interests, children will not be able to put themselves all of them. The mind is on the Internet.

    Children can also take a break from nature. We can bring children to the outdoor environment. For example, we can take children to the countryside to play, take children to the countryside fishing, and take children during the holidays. Going to the countryside to help farmers do uncle to do farm work. In a word, these close and natural activities can cultivate children's love for daily life and cultivate children's pure inner world. When children feel infinite interest from the outdoor environment, they Naturally, it is impossible to add to the computer.

    The children to play more with friends. We must actively create social activities suitable for children's age. In the children's game, we can take children to the zoo, the sea museums and other children to visit, let the children contact more friends, and let them participate in real social activities, so that they can not play in the virtual online world Essence
    We we want children to use their mobile phones reasonably. On the one hand, we have to cultivate children's health interest and let the children do other things after leaving the Internet. Understand the two -sided nature of the Internet, and we must do an example for our children, we must not be obsessed with the game.

  2. I think we must break the Internet. After the family has no net at home, he can't play these games. In this regard, he must be fierce, otherwise the child's life will be destroyed.

  3. I think you should confiscate your son's mobile phone, resolutely prevent him from touching his phone, and take him more outdoor entertainment activities.

  4. Children's addicted to online games will have a huge impact on learning. Parents you should interfere. And guide children to improve their interest in learning. Strictly control your children to contact electronic products.

  5. My child is a little older than your baby. He hugs his mobile phone to play games every day. He calls him as if he did not hear. His academic performance has fallen to the countdown. Education, what CCTV has been said, it has been consulted for less than a week now. The child's change is still quite big. It is recommended that you can try it.

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