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  1. First, let the children contact and play electronic products such as mobile phones and iPad as late as possible.

    The child should not play too much mobile phone, iPad and other electronic products before school. After the child is in school, he has a certain self -control, and then slowly cultivate the child's habit of using electronic products. Especially children who are two or three years old must not play for them, because the stimulation of the screen has a great impact on the development of the eyes.

    The child's resistance to electronic products is like the resistance of the negative electrode of the magnet to the positive pole, which is basically not. So don't think that children playing electronic products are cultivating intelligence. I think it is better to pinch a ball with mud.

    . The electronic products in the hidden hidden as much as possible are not allowed to know.

    Is when the child is very young, the electronic products such as mobile phones and iPads are placed as far as possible where the child cannot be touched, and tells him that this is used by the mother. The first interest will be weakened a lot, and you will follow other things.

    The child has a strong interest in everything. As long as you put away the phone, he will naturally find another thing he is interested in, such as iPad and so on. Of course, the iPad also needs to be put away.

    . Parents are used as examples, do not play games in front of children.

    If parents should lead by example, no matter how much they like to play games, as long as the child is around, they cannot play. If you want to play, you can play alone where you can't see it. Legally, the person near the Zhu is closer and the ink is black, and the slaves of our own mobile phones are just fine, but don't affect children. I saw that some parents actually showed off many game functions with their children.

  2. During this period of studying at home, the children had no teachings of the teacher's ears for a few months, without the pressure of the teacher's ears, the pressure of the relatives, and the relaxed environment and the parents who had no time to take care of it, which caused many children to add to their mobile phones and computer games. Unintentional learning.

    Even if the school starts, the first thing the child returns home is to pick up the phone. The mobile phone has become the most headache for parents.

    The reason why children add to their mobile phones are mostly in parents

    because of mobile phone problems, parents are fighting wisdom and even fighting with their children. Essence

    In order to stop the children's addiction, some parents cut off the network cables and smashed their mobile phones, but forced children to make more intense resistance: stealing money to buy mobile phones, charging game coins, hunger strikes, and even jumped off the building. threaten.

    The parents sighed in Yangtian Changchang, "What should I do if the children can't stop playing the short video every day?"

    Actually many children play mobile phones. Every move is the object of children imitation.

    Is when we complain that children are addicted to their mobile phones, they often forget that adults always hold their mobile phones and immerse themselves in the world of mobile phones. Sometimes they also ignore their companionship.

    The even playing with the mobile phone while writing with the child. After a long time, the child will be curious and then addicted to the mobile phone.

    The parents. If the child is unhappy, crying and other behaviors, especially when eating outside, he will take out his mobile phone and let the child enter a quiet state.

    The child's indulging in the influence of the parent's subtle influence or the indulgence of the parent's acquiescence.

    So can you really solve the problem of addiction to your mobile phone?

    Should the mobile phone be prohibited?

    In surveys from the Academy of Social Sciences, China's minor netizens in 2017 have soared a lot. The penetration rate of minor network has reached 98.1%. It can be said that almost no children can get rid of the influence of mobile phones.

    The children now are in the information age. In recent years, artificial intelligence has made rapid progress, unmanned cars, unmanned convenience stores, unmanned hotels, and fully automated factories have become reality.

    The future children must be surrounded by electronic equipment in all directions, and learning will also use electronic devices in large numbers.

    This to keep your child from playing with your mobile phone away from the computer, it is basically impossible, and it is completely unnecessary.

    The electronic products are just a tool. The tools are not good or bad. Just look at how people use it. As long as it is used well, mobile phones can also be a tool with high learning efficiency.

    So we should not prohibit children from playing mobile phones, but to guide children to use their mobile phones correctly!

    The adolescent self -control, self -protection and psychological resistance, easy to indulge in the game.

    So, as a parent, should think about how to help children improve their self -control ability. When you should learn, you can consciously put down your mobile phone to learn. When entertaining, you can not be addicted.

    It sounds sound, but many parents do not know how to do it.

    Simple step: let the child put down the mobile phone

    For this, the Autumn School of Psychology has carefully created the online course "Simple Five Steps, let the child put down your mobile phone to talk to you" And launching time -limited grouping activities, the course was lectured by Zong Wen, a senior star mentor in the realm, allowing children to put down their mobile phones and make education more harmonious.

    The code to scan the code

    (click "Catalog" after scanning the code to try)

    On the 30th, there are rare opportunities. Let's learn to be wise together, let children put down their mobile phones, and make education easier and harmonious!

    The content of the course:

    In the first lecture, how to let the child put down the mobile phone

    (click "Catalog" after scanning the code, you can try it)

    In Lectures Second, open a warm family meeting

    In Lectures, how to counsel children's homework
    n Lectures on the fourth, how to give children to children Rule

    The lecture on the fifth lecture, how to accompany children to play games

    as a parent -child education expert, the instructor Zongwen has cultivated the field of youth education for more than ten years, helping tens of thousands of families and family and Children, she shared more than once, and now children are easy to add to their mobile phones. Part of the reason is that parents and children have less interaction, parents do not have fun. On the other hand, the child has a sense of accomplishment and identity from the game. The parents did not give it!

    In fact, whether it is the Internet or the mobile phone, it is the product of the times, just like the post -70s addicted martial arts novels and the post -80s. What is the need is what every parent should care about.

    So what parents need to do is to find the roots, find methods, and guide children to put down their mobile phones.

    Secondly, parents should let their children know what to do, what should not do, help children establish rules and supervise their children to comply.

    The most important thing is to allow children to build emotions with their parents, increase interaction, and regain intimate relationships with their parents, so that children can get rid of the influence of their mobile phones.

    So dear parents are still waiting! As long as 19.9 yuan, you can learn not to beat or scold, let the children put down their mobile phones to make the parent -child relationship more harmonious.

    In start by yourself, find the most suitable way by learning, let the child put down the mobile phone, and correctly guide the child to treat electronic products such as mobile phones, maybe the best way to prevent children addicted to mobile phones.

  3. As a parent, you must be cruel, and it is difficult to quit the addiction without being cruel. It is so terrible as drug use. There is no other good way to quit without other good ways. Personal views for reference.

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