What are the common currencies in Kazakhstan

In addition to local currencies, can RMB and US dollars be used?

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  1. Only Ge Ge is Ge Ge, that is, their domestic currency, other currencies can only be traded and sold after the designated exchange point is exchanged to Jinde.
    Senge (Kazakh: теңге, Chinese, also known as Tango, Tengge, ISO4217 code: kzt), Kazakhstan currency, began to use in November 1993, replacing the original Russian ruble. Republic of Kazakhstan (). The word "Kazak" appeared in the Faculty of Turkish and Russian in the 14th century. Its original meaning is "independence, wandering", originally referred to

  2. Kazakhstan's universal currency is Kazakhstan Ken Ge.
    Kazakhstan is a Kazakhstan currency. It was used in November 1993 and replaced the original Russian deeds.

  3. The currency used in Harbin is called Jian Ge. If you come to Harbin, you can carry the US dollar, euro, RMB, ruble, and exchanged a lot. Recently, the exchange rate is not bad. The dollar is almost 1: 151, and RMB is almost 1:24.

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