5 thoughts on “What are the advantages and disadvantages of Akita dogs?”

  1. Akita dog, a cute and silly puppy. Born with a sense of intimacy, people feel solid and reliable when they look at it. This may be his most direct advantage. In addition, Akita Dog is very docile. It can become a child's friends without having to domesticate and is very aggressive.
    It is not as usual as other dogs. It belongs to a dog that is better to feed. It may be more suitable for raising this dog for not exquisite stars. But it also has its own shortcomings, such as very active love, curiosity is very strong, and from time to time, it will make the owner's energy overdrawn.
    This dogs always want to walk out, and the owner needs to exercise with it. There is also a lot of curiosity, and he will be messy at home. He always wants to see what there are in various places and need to sort it frequently. But this is the commonality of all dogs. In general, this kind of dog is still very cute and can consider raising one, which is greater than the shortcomings.

  2. Advantages: First of all, Akita dogs are medium -sized dogs, and they are not small or small, which is very suitable for family breeding. Secondly, Akita's personality is calm and docile. Listening to the master's words, Akita rarely actively attacked people, so you don't have to worry too much about dogs to bite you. At the same time, Akita feels very keen, and it is easy to perceive the owner's mood. When you are sad and sad, you will comfort you. The dog's IQ is high, it is easy to be trained by the owner, and it is easy to be tamed by you. Akita is generally very good. Akita is absolutely loyal to the owner.
    Disadvantages: Akita eats a lot, it is a "delicious ghost", so no matter how much you eat it, it can eat it. Essence If parents do not control it, they will be free to develop and eat Akita dogs, which will easily lead to obesity of Akita dogs, which will cause this or that disease to threaten life and health.

    Secondly, Akita's curiosity is very heavy. Everything it is interested in it wants to bite a bite. Occasionally, Akita will also be dismantled, but the destructive power may not be as strong as Husky. Akita dogs also have a strong vitality. It is necessary to know that its ancestors are mountain hunting dogs, so it also inherits the quality of the ancestors and can bear hardships and stand hard work.

  3. Advantages: The biggest wind is its beautiful and cold appearance. Almost everyone who has seen Akita dogs will be loved from the heart. Akita dog's personality is very docile, and there is almost no active attack on humans. Akita dog likes to play. It can play with you for a few hours. In most cases, it is your tired tongue. It is still overwhelming. The happiness brings cannot be described in words.
    Disadvantages: Anything at home, it will help you check N times, in order to study the hard level of your purchase items. A full destruction.
    As soon as you go out, the Akita dog escapes your sight like you are abused N for a long time. The probability of generally recovered is less than 30%. I remember a friend analyzed with me, saying that the four -legged Akita Dog always thought that parents of the two legs could catch up with it ... Anyway, it is recommended that all users who raise Akita dogs are all slippery. Don't grasp it without running, don't loose the rope. I think a long wolf -like Akita dog can obediently follow the walk behind him without running around. It is a dream.

  4. The advantage is that the personality is docile and well -behaved. The disadvantage is that sometimes you do n’t listen to the call, and you are delicious and lazy.

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