1 thought on “Who will bear the loss due to participation in illegal fundraising”

  1. Losses due to illegal financing are damaged by autonomous responsibility for participating in illegal financing. The illegal financing participants referred to in the "Draft for Soliciting Opinions" refer to individuals and units who invest in assets for illegal financing funds.

    illegal financing is a fundraising fund that does not be allowed by the relevant departments according to the regulations and includes the unit permitted by the unit without the management authority; Legal subjects that do not have fund -raising funds, the service commitment to equal principal and interest to investors within a certain period of time.
    If in addition to the lending method of the principal and interest, there is a physical way and other ways; the target to raise funds to the social development is not specified. The "non -specified goal" here refers to the general public, not a special minority; covering the essence of illegal financing in a reasonable and legal way.
    illegal financing needs to have another "four standards": not by relevant departments to digest and absorb assets according to standards or use integrity operations; publicity and planning to the society according to news media and exchange meetings.
    The service commitment to equal principal and interest repayment within a certain period of time; do not specify the target digestion and absorption assets to social development -I digest and absorb savings to more than 30 people; enterprises digest and absorb savings to more than 150 people.

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