1 thought on “How does the tentacle TV lead the tentacle? Tentacle tv lead currency tutorial”

  1. Friends who like Zhang Yixing know Zhang Yixing's endorsement tentacle TV. As a fan, you must download the tentacle tv to play. Some users are asking, how do tentacles lead tentacles? Today, Xiaobian brings you the tentacle TV neck coin tutorial, let's take a look.
    Method 1: Daily check -in can get tentacles.
    The number of continuous sign -in tentacles will get more and more. You can fish a big treasure chest for more than seven days. There are many good things in the treasure chest! However, if you sign in in the middle, you have to come over.
    Method two: To do novice tasks, you can get tentacles, the reward is still very rich!
    Method three: You can draw a lottery every week and receive tentacles. The drawing conditions are calculated based on the time you watch the live broadcast.
    Method 4: You can get tentacles for live broadcasts and live broadcasts. You can ask other friends to ask them to send you tentacles.
    Summary: Please continue to pay attention to daily updates, and share more exciting tutorials with you as soon as possible.

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