World of Warcraft 25 people ICC Zhen Soul Coins

Why is it cheap and good attributes? Some people say that the next version will become very good.

3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft 25 people ICC Zhen Soul Coins”

  1. A few of you ... really ... don't mislead the newcomers ... Really, if you don't understand, you will close your mouth. Zhenhongcoin has always been controversial ... It is not good, there are a few reasons. First, we wear this for the French boss ... It is almost equivalent to not bringing ... Dodge, armor ... Do you say this attribute dry egg? Furthermore, dodge this attribute is indeed small. Moreover, ICC is now blood armor flow. At present, the equipment is not very good. but! The soul coin is definitely not as bad as you said ... Blizzard will design a 277 P is not used? The soul coin is in H Xiaosa, and the performance of LK is gambling ... In fact, all physics is status. This is a SP that is better you equipped. Moreover, as soon as the 4.0 attribute was reconstructed, this thing is about to grab.

  2. In fact, how do you say that the soul is basically useless than this thing, but the fourth anti -fourth and Lich King is good. This thing can be said to be a little spring brother for Bear T. People know that people will say that 500G is picked up. But many people now don't understand T. In fact, there is a lot of matching T, and he can use different packages to play different BOSS.

  3. That's a SP, plus dodge, do you say ICC adds dodge eggs? Also, now T is using endurance SP. What do you do with this? In the next version, the town soul coin can be recasted

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