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  1. Frost treasure bags can open gold coins and fixed 5 ice ice brands. The small chance has a equipped ICC item. The equipment includes:
    Marolgal's pupils, the fragile wrist care of the female soil of the dead language , Ikfeus's miracle bag, blood star belt, anger giant shoulder armor, forgotten king armor armor, professor's blood spots shirt, town tomb wrist care, blood queen's stock red collar, Luo Wan's silver bomb rifle , The bone ring, the shoulder pads of the figurines, the warmth of the figurine, and the temptation to protect the legs.
    The method of Frost Treasure Bag is:

    icc has five kinds of Zhou Chang. After the second king of the second king, the second king was cleared. In the place, NPCs will appear at the door of the blood area and after the green dragon. ICC, the five weekly commons, is randomly brushed out every week. After finishing, a bag will be given.

    The BOSS Raiders of World of Warcraft ICC copy:
    The first stage, Woman Lady Woman has no hatred and will not move, and only uses a shadow arrow in place to attack the player. The left and right sides of the room start to refresh the supporter and the enthusiasts of the gods, and the gemstones that refresh will be further transformed. The player outputs the mobs while cleaning up the mobs, and outputs the barriers to the Word of Word until it breaks it into the second stage. Note that each time is to summon 7 mobs, 3 on the left, 3 on the right, and 1 backcourt.
    Pravan barriers: The first stage of the Dead Language was protected by a mana shield, and the player broke it to enter the second stage.
    Shadow arrows: Ms. Dead Speaking Sets Dark Shadow Arrows for Random targets.
    The second stage, the player began to output the blood volume of the lady of the dead language. At this time, the Lady Lady had hatred and could move.
    The ice arrow: Ms. Dead Speaking puts ice arrows for hatred targets, and the damage is huge.
    The ice arrow rain: Ms. Dead Speaking uses group ice arrows for all players, and instantly.
    The method of response: The damage of the ice arrow is very high, so you need to arrange an interrupt profession to interrupt.
    In contempt: Ms. Dead Speaking adds DEBUFF to the hatred target when using a physical attack, which reduces the hatred value of the target next to 20%, and can stack 5 layers for 30 seconds.
    This response method: After entering the second stage, the outputs stop their hands slightly, after the contempt of the contempt, pay attention to change the tan. In the second stage, one ghost appeared every other time, chasing the player and exploding, causing a revenge impact damage. The 25 -person model is 3 ghosts.
    Revenge impact: Ghosts chase a player for a while and then disappear.
    The method of response: The explosion of the ghosts under the difficulty of heroes can cause range damage. Be sure to avoid it, which is very easy to reduce staff. The entire battle dead language ladies randomly faded the death, and used the unified control of a player to control one player.
    Death withering: Setting dead withering in the designated area, causing damage for 10 seconds.
    The response method: BOSS will be released during the whole battle. The dead green version similar to the death of the dead ride, the spell special effects are raised, and it is easy to run away.
    The Mind: Ms. Dead Speaking randomly controls the player for 12 seconds.
    This response method: The controlled person will grow, so the team will blow off, and it will change the timely control of sheep.

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