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  1. It is possible. One sign of different dishes and shipments is the change of energy. If the reduction of the reduction during the rise, it is generally a dishwashing behavior, and if the decline is accompanied by the magnification of the volume energy, especially the continuous progress, the probability of shipment is too large. Of course, this must be matched with specific areas. Generally speaking, after a large number of stocks are released, the probability of shipment is less likely to increase by 20 % and 30 %. If the increase has doubled, the probability of shipment will be greater.
    So washing the dish is to clean up the profit chips in the market, so that the cost of holding the market in the market is consistent. After washing the dish, it refers to a method of suppressing the wind disk or the original holding of a ride after collecting a certain stock chip after collecting a certain stock chip.
    , the shrinkage falls.
    For the decline in the scale, we need to define clearly to start the judgment and analysis of the second step.
    This decline refers to the small transaction volume in the process of decline in stocks. For the definition of the amount, the comparison of the transaction volume is needed.
    If the average number of trading volume is 2 million shares when rising, then the average transaction volume when the decline should be less than 500,000 shares, so as to be called shrinkage. Otherwise, the volume is still falling.
    , washing the dish.
    The laundering behavior of the decline in volume meets the following four requirements:
    The first point is the condition that meets the shrinking volume;
    The second point is that the decline is not large, not more than 20% The amplitude of the
    The third point is that the K -line diagram or maintains a good form. There is no sign of breaking the position, and the upward trend remains good;
    The fourth point is that the K -line diagram often appears in the lower shadow line, and it also appears. After falling on the plate, it will still be retracted at the end.
    Faced with the stock trend of the washing disk, retail investors do not need to be nervous and can continue to hold the shares.
    three, shipment.
    The shipment behavior that shrinks to decline is also in line with the following four requirements:
    The first point is that the transaction volume is not obvious, and occasionally the volume will fall;
    More than 20%, rapid decline;
    The third point is that the technical graphic has broken and began to have a downward trend;
    The fourth point is that the K -line diagram often appears on the upper shadow line, and multiple times occur in the disk. Fall.
    In the face of stock shipments, retail investors need to pay attention to risks, and they can consider selling stocks.

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