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  1. Anyone who understands stock knowledge a little bit said that the decline in stock volume is a dangerous trend, but what does it mean. Everyone holds their own opinions. Some people think that the low volume decline is a disk, and some people think that it is shipping.
    It today, I will tell you what the low volume has fallen, what is going on!
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    . What is low volume?
    The low volume means that the stock price is at a low level, and the transaction volume suddenly enlarges, which leads to a significant increase or decline compared with the previous few days.
    The low volume is divided into: low volume increase and low volume decline.
    1. Low -level volume rises
    In general, the probability of general rising in the market outlook is high, but it is more effective to combine indicators and K -line morphological analysis.
    . For example: After the form of the water hibiscus K -line, after a long decline in the stock price or sidewalking, the transaction volume was magnified one day, and a large yang line broke through the previous moving average.
    2, low -level volume decline
    The low level of stocks fell down, which proves that the stock decline in the stock is very strong. Generally, there will be a decline in volume after the emergence of major negative news. When you are big, you can rebound.
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    . What does the low volume decline mean?
    Has the low volume decline indicates whether to wash or ship? In fact, both of them may happen. Washing or shipments depends entirely on the purpose of the trader.
    The low -level volume decline, we need to analyze the situation:
    1. If the low -level volume declines caused by major profit news from the listed company, the short -term stock price will continue to fall, and we may continue to enter a finishing Period, the panic was really released until the digestion of the lift news.
    2. The company has no news, but the main funds adopt the seductive means so that the funds are not firm. In order to rise in the future, there is no worries about it, and this kind of situation can wait until stabilized before entering.
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  2. Is the low volume decline or shipment? Both possibilities exist. Washing or shipping depends entirely on the purpose of the trader. He wanted to wash the disk when he washed, and he shipped it when he wanted to ship.
    of course, in the special market environment, the dish was also available for washing the dish.

  3. It may be an inflection point signal. Generally speaking, the low position suddenly measures, indicating that the difference is large. Since there are differences in the low position, it means that the trend is likely not to follow the original downward trend. But it's hard to say that the stock is playing, there is no absolute correct answer

  4. Under the circumstances, the main force will never be shipped low.
    This is many reasons:
    1/. At present, it is not the bottom, but it is almost bottomed.
    3/. The main force creates panic and wants to take over low -cost chips.
    4/. Main funds transfer
    Mi may have other reasons. Anyway, this situation keeps concern. It may be that the opportunity is coming. Do not build a position on the same day.

  5. Is the decline in volume must be shipped?

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