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  1. Hello, original poster!
    Is Singapore's legal opinions must first register a Singapore Foundation to provide the Singapore Foundation Registered Paper Certificate, Registered Paper, and Articles of Association including the project white paper.
    What contents of Singapore's legal opinions include:

    1, White Paper Compliance: Prove that the items engaged are in line with the Singapore regulations; Used;
    2, token non -securitization certificate: Prove that the project is not securitized, and currently shut down by MAS that involved securitization. Go to MAS to report to prevent MAS surveys.
    3, compliance of private equity sales clauses: Prove that the private equity and sales that before the exchange are compliant;
    4, public offering clause compliance: equivalent to the exchanges A promise to increase investor confidence;

  2. Hello, let me answer this question.

    Sthe to apply for Singapore's legal opinions:
    The main company must be the Singapore Non -Yingli Foundation, and ordinary Singaporean companies cannot issue legal opinions.
    1. Project White Paper English version of word format
    2. Register certificate
    3. Register paper
    4. Articles of Association
    5. Intersection
    : Let the project legitimate compliance and let investors feel at ease.
    : You need to use it when you go to the B of Y.
    The original content of Singapore's legal opinion contains four items:
    1 White Paper Compliance: Lawyers modify the white paper in the project according to Singapore's law, until they comply with local laws.
    2 token non -securitization certificate: Prove that your project does not contain securities nature.

  3. The main content and role of the issuance of Singapore's legal opinions
    The Singapore legal opinion is accompanied by Singapore's non -profit company. Its role is mainly used for the legal compliance of exchanges on the project. The usual legal opinions are commonly used in major trading platforms, and some of them have designated law firms, such as HB or coin A. The legal opinions of this part need to be posted separately.
    The original content of Singapore's legal opinion contains four items:
    1 White Paper Compliance: Lawyers modify the white paper in the project according to Singapore's law, until they comply with local laws.
    2 token non -securitization certificate: Prove that your project does not contain securities nature.
    3 Private Equity Agreement
    4 public offerings
    This is the traditional first legal document, but now it is mainly the first two items. The role of Singapore's legal opinions is mainly used to issue coins on major exchanges.
    The legal opinion is a comprehensive written document provided by lawyers with legal services. The release time is July 11, 2003. Its content includes providing legal basis, legal advice, and solutions to consultants.
    The production of legal opinions must not only comply with the law, but also take care of the habit of international passage. The role of legal opinions depends on its content and quality.
    Let's take a look at how to register a Singaporean non -profit company (foundation)
    1 Draw the company name: Format is full -case English, ending is LTD, and you can register without reinvention after the name.
    2 The identity card and passport scan of the registrar
    3 Registration time Generally about 10 working days
    After registration is completed, a local licensee issues a legal opinion document:
    1 The English version of the White Paper
    2 Company Articles of Association, entire data, registered paper, director information
    issued legal opinions about 2 weeks

  4. Why issue legal opinions?
    Hang everyone knows that the 156 legal opinion is 6991 that conforms to Singapore law. People depend on the 3780 of the legal procedures. It is not that our project is legal. Opinions are only available, and the other is the compliance of the white paper. The legitimacy of the white paper you wrote cannot be guaranteed. Do you understand Singaporean law? Therefore, this is very important; another aspect is for investors. How good we say this project every day, we can rest assured to invest. Will investors believe it? We need some certification documents. Intersection If a virtual project without legal procedures, will you worry about it yourself? So who will come to invest? Finally, for the exchange, if you go to a second -line and above exchange to issue currency, the exchange stipulates that legal opinions must be issued to issue the currency.
    . The information needed for legal opinions?
    1. Singapore Foundation Registration Certificate
    2. Singapore Foundation Registration Paper
    1, white paper compliance;
    2, token non -securitization certificate compliance;
    3, private equity clause compliance;
    4, public offering clause compliance.
    Is when these four points are done, you can find the exchange and submit the information to prepare for the review. After the review, you can issue it.

  5. How important the legal opinion is for the project party's currency
    It is well known that there are several legal opinions recognized by the exchange. First of all, you need to find a local lawyer in Singapore to submit the Chinese and English White Paper 130 and the Singapore 9370 Foundation Foundation The file 6165 is issued to the lawyer. Some people will ask Singapore's subjects that are not foundations that ordinary companies can issue legal opinions? The answer is okay, but most law firms still recognize the foundation a little more. It should be noted that the white papers must do high -end atmosphere. After making their own tokens, whether it is an early investor or the later second -level market investors, they will understand the project through the white paper. Making a website used to promote projects, be sure to get a technology -like website that is full of HTML5. It is best to be placed abroad. Team members must also make appropriate packaging so that investors have high recognition of the project's technology and ability to achieve. Foundation is just the main body of you to do this. Tokens are often index currencies, like hot Bitcoin and Ethereum is a token.

    With the huge success of Ethereum, people discovered that blockchain is not only a technology, but also recognizes the financing value of blockchain tokens. If the blockchain network is used as a computer, these tokens are the power signal that supports this computer. It's just that it is mostly used in the domestic crowdfunding market. Because the technology of the blockchain is public, anyone can use Ethereum's smart contracts to easily write its own tokens. Tokens can represent anything that can be traded, such as: points, property, certificate, etc. So no matter what the purpose is, it is not difficult to create a token to issue it. Generally, everyone is used to making their own tokens with the Ethereum REC20 Token standard. Ethereum REC20 is open source. As long as a programmer is found to make a certain modification and setting of the program, you can easily make your own tokens. The good tokens support all Ethereum wallets, which is convenient for future issuance.
    The legal opinion system is an important system implemented to strengthen corporate legal risk prevention of corporate management. The core content is to issue legal opinions by legal firm on major issues of enterprises as the basis for corporate management decisions. Essence The "Administrative Measures for Enterprise Legal Advisory", "Notice on Further Regulating the Implementation Opinions of Enterprise Reform Work", and "Interim Measures for the Management of State -owned Property Rights Transfer" and other documents have made principle regulations on the issuance of legal opinions. Based on the above documents, the local state -owned assets commissions have formulated and introduced the "Guiding Opinions on Implementation of Legal Opinions and Systems" on the basis of summing up the supervision experience of the SASAC. They clearly stipulate that when enterprises involve major investment and financing, they shall be corporate legal affairs institutions or External legal intermediary agencies have issued legal opinions, analyzed relevant legal risks, put forward legal suggestions as a basis for corporate management decision -making. The content of the "Opinions" is comprehensive and systematically operating.

    . The main types of major investment and financing projects and their legal applications in the process of issuing legal opinions
    major investment and financing projects are diverse, and different types of investment and financing forms often apply differently differently The law stipulates that this requires the issuer of the legal opinion to have a comprehensive and meticulous grasp of the legal provisions in the field of investment and financing. According to experience, major investment and financing projects in enterprises usually include the following four types:
    1. Enterprises carry out financing projects through different levels of capital markets at home and abroad. This type of project mainly includes the listing of shares of the enterprise, the issuance of bonds, and the financing of asset securities voucher. A series of specific provisions of the bank and the Securities Regulatory Commission on domestic and overseas financing.
    The main legal issues involved in the operation in the operation are: whether the company meets the substantive elements of issuing stocks, bonds, short -term financing vouchers and asset securitization bills; Procedures; and the legal obligations that the enterprise should assume after the issuance of the securities after the issuance of the enterprise, etc., the legal opinions should be investigated and demonstrated mainly on the above legal issues; During the approval or filing process, the law firms are also required to issue legal opinions as a basis for approval or filing. This type of legal opinion is mainly based on the basis for approval or filing of the Securities Regulatory Commission or the People's Bank of China. The legal opinion is issued by the enterprise's legal affairs agency or law firm before making the above -mentioned financing projects. As a basis for decision makers, the purpose and stage of the two types of legal opinions are different.
    2. Enterprises project joint venture and cooperation through the introduction of foreign or strategic investors. This type of project includes both capital increase and expansion on the basis of the original enterprise, as well as the establishment of a new enterprise with foreign investment or strategic investors. The Business Law of the Business "," Guidance Catalog of Foreign Investment Industry "and an attachment, as well as a series of specific regulations on foreign -funded management.
    The projects mainly involve the following legal issues during the operation: whether the project investment scale, the source of funds and composition, the change of equity structure, etc. are in line with relevant national laws and regulations and industrial policies; Whether legal documents such as articles of association are legal and tight, and whether there are major transaction risks; the asset conditions, qualification background, financial status, intellectual property rights, major litigation arbitration matters, etc. of the project partner; And whether the joint venture and cooperation will have an impact on the independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, etc., the legal opinions issued by such projects should focus on the above legal issues.
    3, the company's own fixed asset investment project. This type of project may be carried out in the name of the enterprise itself, and it may also be carried out in the name of the establishment of a new company. The main applicable legal basis includes the "Decision of the State Council on the Reform of the Investment System", the "Catalog of Investment Projects approved by the Government", and the land involved in the land, and the land, and the land, and the land, and the land and land. Legal regulations on environmental protection.
    The main legal issues involved in this class of projects are: internal decision -making procedures that need to be fulfilled in fixed asset investment projects and external approval and filing procedures; Legal; whether the land use procedures for the project are legal or there are major legal risks; it involves procedures and conditions for the obtaining procedures and conditions of a specific product or industry business license; whether the establishment of the project company and the legal operation, etc.
    4. Enterprises carry out acquisitions or shares in cross -regional or industries. This type of project includes an act of conducting overall acquisitions, controlling equity acquisitions, or partial participation in other enterprises. Related laws include the "Interim Measures for the Management of State -owned Property Rights for Enterprises", "Interim Measures on Enterprise Mergence", "Administrative Measures for the acquisition of listed companies" "," Interim Provisions on Accounting Treatment ", etc.
    The main legal issues involved in this type of project include: the basic conditions and legitimate status of the asset conditions, qualification background, financial status, intellectual property rights, labor and personnel, major litigation arbitration matters, etc. Whether the model and the acquisition protocol document have major legal risks on the acquirer; whether there is an uncertain debt risk of the acquisition or participation companies and the impact of the local legal and policies of the acquired enterprises on the acquisition; Evaluation and approval or approval procedures.
    In addition to the above laws and regulations, all types of investment and financing projects will involve the supervision and management of state -owned assets such as the "Company Law", the "Interim Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Enterprise State -owned Assets", and the "Interim Measures for the Management of Enterprise State -owned Assets Evaluation and Management" Regulations, the provisions of this area must be followed by almost any investment and financing activities.

    . The content and requirements of legal opinions on major investment and financing projects of the enterprise
    The purpose of issuing legal opinions for major investment and financing projects of the enterprise is to provide legal decision -making decisions for decision makers Basis, this purpose determines that legal opinions should contain as possible information as possible in terms of content, including the legality, effectiveness, authenticity, and strictness of related matters. In terms of specific writing content, the legal opinion should be focused on the specific situation of investment and financing projects and the different legal issues involved; major investment and financing projects should be based on the scope of the asset management institution according to its supervised enterprise. The scale of scale cannot be generalized; the issuance of the legal opinion should be based on due diligence. The opinions should be based on sufficient, thorough analysis, standardized format, accurate expressions, and clear conclusions.
    . The significance of the legal opinion system for the implementation of major investment and financing projects of the enterprise
    The risks of major decisions of the enterprise are prominently manifested as the enterprise's investment and financing risks. In this regard, enterprises are often impulsive. Practice has proved that the losses of most enterprises are often caused by the failure of one or two major investment and financing activities. Therefore, the success or failure of major investment and financing activities has a significant impact on the continuous and stable operation of the enterprise. The risk control mechanism to establish a major investment and financing behavior of the enterprise is of great significance to ensure the stable and benign development of the enterprise. An important part of the system. With the development of the capital market, the form of investment and financing activities is becoming increasingly diversified and gradually connecting with the international market. Investment and financing activities show considerable complexity in the law. It is often difficult for people with illegal law to make accurate legal risks. Comprehensive judgment and response. In this context, legal professionals issued legal opinions on major investment and financing projects as the basis for corporate managers' decisions, which is conducive to improving the scientific nature of investment and financing project decisions and reducing legal risks. To this end, the "corporate legal adviser The Management Measures clearly stipulate that major investment and financing matters shall issue legal opinions to analyze relevant legal risks, and to form a formal institutional institutionalized institutionalized institutional about the issuance of legal opinions into important parts of enterprises' major investment and financing management.

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