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  1. ENO is actually the middle three letters of "Denon". It is affiliated with Shanghai Electronics Malaysian Electronics Co., Ltd. and translated into "Tianlong".
    1, Shanghai Electronic Music Malaysian Electronics Co., Ltd., registered in Shanghai 2008-06-11, is a wholesale and retail industry. The main industry is the wholesale and retail industry. Product development and sales, e -commerce (must not engage in telecommunications appreciation, financial business), business consultation, and engage in import and export business of goods and technology.
    2, ENO is the Boolean output of LAD and FBD Chinese frames. ENO allows you to connect the box in a series (horizontal direction), and the box is not allowed in a parallel (vertical direction) method. If the box is enabled in the EU input position and the box is executed without errors, the ENO output will be transmitted to the next element. If an error is detected during the execution of the box, the position of the wrong box is terminated in the incorrect frame.

    3, ENO is a brand born in Shanghai. , A channel used to express yourself. We want you to have the right to express this expression and share it with others. We also want to provide you with a place that allows you to talk to your friends and share happiness, a place where you can dream of taking off.

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