3 thoughts on “Load C: Windows/DOWNLO ~ 1/2BFB error, ask for help”

  1. This is the spam left by the impermanence of anti -virus

    1, start -run -Msconfig -Start -start here Hook away-that is, disable-you can restart

    2, start-run-regedit --- then press "Ctrl F" (or point file ------------------- Find) ----- Enter the "2BFB.dll" file name when loading. After finding, right-click to delete [until you find it, delete the f3 key of the keyboard after the next keyboard. R n3, or the method of solving the software below
    autoruns 8.73 Chinese version download address/soft/21022
    runs "autoruns.exe", click "All", then press "Ctrl F" (or point point (or point point File ----- Find) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "2BFB.DLL" file name is made.

  2. 1. Enter C: Windows Program Files folder, delete or uninstall, "2BFB" file;

    2. n3. Search for 2BFB words and delete all found;

    4. Restart. See if there is any problem.

  3. Delete files are not complete!
    Ilisted unloading!
    In look at the startup item, turn off the relevant startup items!
    S search for registry -related things, all delete!

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