0x07f05bfb "" 0x077833 "memory referenced. The memory cannot be Written". What does it mean?

This thing that comes out forcibly shuts down, the heroes help, thank you

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  1. Friend, this is the "software" you downloaded with the "memory" in the computer. (The answer is original, it is strictly forbidden to copy other netizens)
    I give you 5 ways to debug, try it quickly: r r r r N1. There are Trojan or virus interference in the computer, download "360 Security Guard" and "360 Powerful Antivirus Double Engine Edition", it is recommended that "full scan" virus and Trojan horses to repair the loopholes on the computer!
    2. The "player" you downloaded, or "chat software", or the "IE browser" program is unstable, or "version is too old"! It is recommended to remove, download new, or upgrade it to "latest version".
    3. That is, you have installed two or two similar software (such as: two players, two QQs, or multiple browsers, multiple anti -virus software, etc.)! They are not "compatible" together, remove the "extra" one!
    4. You find "Start" menu in the lower left corner of the computer and find "Software on the Power Uninstallation of the Computer" and find the excess of the one! After unloading, "strong cleaning" (see if you see it, don't remove it useful).
    5. It really doesn't work to "restore the system" or "reinstallation system"!

  2. In what kind of problem is your computer? Only [right medicine] problem can be solved.
    ● If a pirated system is used, such problems may occur. It is recommended: use [genuine].
    has no effect on the computer or [occasionally] regardless of it, and it may disappear automatically after restarting the computer.
    [1] The virus is caused by the upgrade of antivirus software and the entire anti -virus of the computer.
    [2] The cause of the hardware is mainly caused by the incompatibility of the memory. Remove the memory device and reinstall it, and replace the memory if necessary.
    [3] System or other software, the installation software conflicts with the system. (The general solution is to uninstall the software to reinstall, upgrade or replace other versions. Essence Check whether the computer year, month, and day are correct. [Ghost version of the system is prone to this problem]
    [4] Driver is unstable, reinstall or update the driver in time. At the same time, the problem will also occur after using the optimization master, 360, and Master Lu to clean up the junk documents.
    [5] Open or close IE, QQ, games, player, etc. The memory cannot be read or written. The first thing that may be thought of is the problem of this software. [Check if you need to patch or replace other versions]
    [Note] If you use Windows IE, many netizens report that it is not stable. The easiest solution is to download and replace other browsers. [No need to delete Windows IE, use other browsers directly. ] For example: 360 security browser, window browser of the world, proud tour, etc.
    (1) The system itself has problems. Install the official patch issued in a timely manner, [reinstall the system if necessary].
    (2) The problem of a software occurs. Here is mainly to see the software running when booting. There is no problem mentioned above. You can try the following method:
    ◆ Try the command to exclude
    Start-run-enter CMD-Enter, enter the command below under the command prompt
    FOR % 1 in (%Windir%System32*.dll) Do regsvr32.exe /s%1 Enter.
    After completion, enter the
    FOR %I in ( %Windir %System32*.ocx) do regsvr32.exe /s %i Enter.
    If afraid of input errors, you can copy these two instructions, then right -click the mouse after the command prompt, "paste", return to the car, wait patiently until the screen rolling stops. [Restart your computer]
    ◆ ◆ Run the regEdit into the registry, and under the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMICROSOFTWIDOWS Explorer, there should be only a normal key value {AEB6717E-7E19-11D0-97ee-}. [If there is another (default), it is generally empty. .

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