5 thoughts on “What should I do if the cash on the bank card is frozen by the criminal investigation?”

  1. Since this year, many banks have issued a regulation of bank cards. The bank believes that bank cards belong to the banks that the bank is published by individuals for individuals. Individuals should not transfer my account to others or sell others. This is illegal act. The reason why this provision is set is because many fraud gangs, gambling gangs and other illegal criminal gangs have been used in recent years to use other people's savings cards to whitewash the illegal income. Use it for others. The illegal group uses these cards to be used for whitening and diverting. Therefore, the public security organs have carried out disconnection operations since this year to freeze the bank card account with abnormal bank cards.
    1. The cash withdrawal to the bank card is frozen, it is likely that there is a problem with this money.
    If the bank card is usually used without problems, just withdraw a amount of funds to the bank card, the bank card will be frozen. It is likely that this fund has a problem. It is not a normal income. The platform gets income, and it is easy to be risk controlled by banks or frozen by the electrical fraud department of the public security organs.
    . What should I do if the criminal investigation department is frozen by a different place?
    The case is likely to involve electrical fraud issues, and funds are problematic funds. First of all, you must clearly understand whether your behavior is illegal. If there is indeed an illegal act, actively contact the other party's criminal investigation department for communication and handling personal problems early, and assist the public security department to arrest the prisoners in order to reduce his own sin. If you do not have illegal acts, you can also contact the other party's criminal investigation department to put forward his own opinions and demands, ask the other party's administrative department to find out the truth of the facts as soon as possible, and to unblock your bank card.
    3. Careful use of bank cards.
    Chomically scams for telecommunications over the years, and the blows have been very strict. The bank cards of many people have closed funds. If the bank card is used by others to help illegal criminal groups conduct before or other illegal acts, they will all will be. The cards are even punished by law, so you must keep your personal bank cards carefully and do not get yourself in a moment of cheap.

  2. Go to deal with it, and it is necessary to deal with it positive, but you must first figure out what it is, and then you can know if you want to solve it in time. After all, some frozen is not an individual.

  3. If you are frozen in this case, you can go directly to the bank to thaw, and let the staff help you thaw the procedures

  4. First of all, you must determine whether you have illegal acts. If you have illegal acts, you should surrender. If you do n’t have it, you will get a bank card and ID card to thaw, so you can.

  5. You can remove or understand the reason for the specific freezing. You should also ask about the specific freezing situation, and then remove the frozen.

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