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  1. On July 5th, the relevant platforms in the field of Tencent video game have a major announcement. This time, it is related to the wegame that players know.
    This on the palm announcement of the suspension: September completely closed
    On July 5th, Tencent's "Wegame on the Palm" today released the "Palm WEGAME Exit" Announcement ". Including the Wegame APP, Webibi WeChat Mini Program, and Webibi H5 version), operation will be terminated at 23:59 on September 8, 2022.
    The related matters to the termination of operations include: 12:00 on July 5, 2022, stop the registration of new users, and close the reward and recharge; APP download, stop the app download of each application store;
    23:59 on September 8, 2022, close the server and officially stop operation. By then, players will not be able to log in.
    In addition, related functions such as the wegamepc side of the wegamepc on the palm product on the palm of the palm will also be offline before the Wegame closing the server on the palm. However, for the assistant functions such as Genting Book and Genting Records, it will be moved to the "LOL Assistant-Genting Game" on the wegamepc side to continue to provide services.
    Thetes for some players "Wegame on the Palm" to recharge the bee coins that have not been consumed, the Tencent team also has compensation activities. Among them:
    The Q coins involved in the compensation activity will also be replaced by the user's replacement of virtual bee coins (if there is; excluding anchor income) in the account of "Palm on the Wegame" account.
    The time of compensation activities: At 18:00 on July 5, 2022 to 18:00 on September 8, 2022.
    The activity page of compensation activities was launched at 18:00 on July 5, 2022; once the player participates in compensation activities, it is deemed to be recognized by the compensation/replacement scheme. If the player does not participate in compensation activities within the previous period, it will deemed the right to automatically abandon compensation/replacement.
    The wegame positioning is embarrassing?
    It is reported that Wegame is the game tools and game community platforms launched by Tencent in 2019. With the official "combat power system", it becomes one of the game tools enthusiastic in the League of Legends game players. Become a game community platform with a game team as the core.
    It's transformation from the palm of the palm can be seen that the needs of gamers have changed.
    Inly, at the beginning of the rise of the League of Legends games, due to the official "combat power system" and data statistics system in China, a large number of third -party platforms were invaded, which seriously affected the game system of the game system. The account is safe. Tencent officially launched the official TGP tool, that is, the current Wegame platform helps gamers to better understand their own situation.
    For players, wegame does not have much features to retain users. Even the current game team function, there are many third -party platforms that can be provided, not to mention the "classic" H5 in it The mini -game.
    The since this year, Penguin E -sports and Tencent Online Games Accelerators have been suspended in succession
    In recent months, related platforms in the field of Tencent Game E -sports have frequently changed.
    On June 8th, Tencent's mobile e -sports platform Penguin e -sports officially stopped operation.
    At present, the official website of Penguin E -sports can no longer be opened. According to previous announcements, the exclusive customer service of Penguin E -sports will also be closed at 23:59 on December 30, 2022.
    I netizens said that I watched the live broadcast here every day and hid a lot of memories:
    As early as April 7 this year, Penguin E -sports issued a delisting announcement. According to the announcement, Penguin E -sports -related products include "Penguin E -sports" (including its webpage, APP, PC, TV, H5, WeChat Mini Program), and "Penguin E -Sports Live Assistant" (including its webpage side, its web pages, and The APP and PCs) ended operations at 23:59 on June 7, 2022. The functions of new user registration, new anchors and guilds, and recharge have been closed on the day of the delisting announcement on April 7. At 23:59 on December 30, 2022, the exclusive customer service of penguin e -sports related products will also be closed. At the same time, Penguin E -sports stated that in addition to the special provisions of laws and regulations or the agreement signed by the user, the platform will be based on the "Personal Information Protection Law" after the penguin e -sports related product server is closed to the user's account data Delete information such as personal data. Penguin e -sports also launched compensation activities on the suspension of the event, issuing Q coins and game coupons such as Q coins and game coupons.
    The penguin e -sports was established in 2016. It is the largest mobile e -sports platform under Tencent.
    At that time, it was the period when the live broadcast industry was full of flowers, and Tencent's intention to set up Penguin E -sports was also very obvious, that is, he hoped to seize the market for the game live broadcast through penguin e -sports. Due to the natural content ecological matrix of Tencent, there are game live rights such as "Glory of the King", "Peace Elite" and "League of Legends", and the drainage of Tencent's social platforms and portals.
    Around March this year, a number of game anchors announced that they would leave Penguin E -sports, which was also regarded as a sign of penguin e -sports at the time.
    For the outside world, penguin e -sports has not been learned because it is not Tencent's independent business. However, in 2020, when Tencent plans to promote the merger of Huya and Douyu, penguin e -sports has become a transaction chip, and its operating data can be disclosed.
    In the documents submitted to the New York Stock Exchange before Huya, the revenue of Penguin E -sports in the first half of 2019 and the first half of 2020 was 1.193 billion yuan and 462 million yuan, respectively. Yuan.
    In the risk reminder about penguin e -sports business, the document also mentioned that since its establishment, Penguin E -sports has developed a major cumulative net loss. And in the future, the business may continue to lose money, but in comparison, in 2020, Huya and Douyu are in a profit state.
    So penguin e -sports is a long -term loss business. For Tencent, if the strategic position of a business is important enough, there is a loss of losses, and there are not a few business within Tencent. But like Penguin E -sports, it is not improved in the market competition, but at the same time, Tencent has new strategic support in this field. It is not surprising that it has become an abandoned child.
    In the previous report of Ai Media Consultation, in the third quarter of 2020, the number of monthly active households of Penguin E -sports was 5.46 million, while the monthly lives of Huya and Douyu were 74.2 million and 59.6 million, respectively. Essence It can be seen that the size gap between the user volume of penguin e -sports and the head platform is very obvious.
    On April 13 this year, Tencent Online Game Accelerator announced that Tencent Online Game Accelerator will be upgraded to "Tencent Game Butler" on May 31, 2022 and gradually stopped old services. The national service game accelerates, and the refund channel is opened at the same time.
    It according to reports, Tencent Online Game Accelerator is a game accelerator software produced by Tencent. It can accelerate the popular online games on its online games and the hot online games at home and abroad, reduce game delay and reduce stuttering. Generally, when players play foreign service games, they will choose to use an accelerator to improve the quality of the network.
    In January 2021, Tencent Accelerator issued an announcement showing that due to the adjustment of Tencent Accelerator's product strategy, new recharge is temporarily added.
    Source 丨 21st Century Economic Herald (Bai Yang), Public Information, Lightning Technology, Southern Metropolis Daily
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