2 thoughts on “How much RMB is equal to the Dance Troupe?”

  1. Question: What are the face values ​​of "Jiuyou One Card"?
    : At present, there are 3 types of face value, which are 10 yuan/1000 long -term coins, 30 yuan/3000 long -term yimal coins and 50 yuan/5000 long -lasting coins.
    Q: What is the exchange ratio of Jiuyou Jiuyou Coin?
    Is: 1 yuan for RMB = 100 long -term tourism can be purchased for Jiuyou Jiuyou coins. Jiuyou Jiuyou Coins can also be transformed into each game through the "accounting" function in the recharge system. Virtual currency, the virtual currency in the player's game account cannot be transferred back to Jiuyou Jiujiu or RMB.

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