The fifth melting of U.S. stocks! If the US economy collapses, what will affect the world economy?

1 thought on “The fifth melting of U.S. stocks! If the US economy collapses, what will affect the world economy?”

  1. The collapse of the US economy will definitely have a great impact on the world economy. After all, the United States is a global economy country, and the US economy collapse will bring the following impact on the world's economy.
    This: The economic growth rate of the US economy collapsed, and the economic growth rate of directly returning to other countries will make the economic growth of major countries in the world weaker or even decline. The United States is the world's first economy, and the economy of developed countries has collapsed. Other developed countries and developing countries have collapsed. It is certain that decline is certain.
    A influence 2: The United States is a major technology country, the most developed country in technology, the US economy collapses, and global technology will have a significant impact. The science and technology industry in the world will retreat, and even some countries will stop science and technology from turning left. After all, many countries learn technology from the United States, and American technology has fallen, and science and technology in other countries will naturally have a great impact. With the science and technology, the national economy will go down the road and decline.

    In impact three: Economy's troidee is export, consumption, investment, etc. The US economy collapses, which will directly cause significant impacts of the world's economy. decline. Consumption will also be compressed. The United States is a large consumer country and directly affects the consumption power of other countries. Investment is the same, the US economy has collapsed, and various financial investment entities have fallen directly.

    This Impact 4: The US economy collapses, and the value of the dollar will shrink sharply. If this happens, what impact will the world economy bring, the impact of the US dollar into waste paper is already very large, and it will directly collapse many US dollars.
    In comprehensive four points, the US economy collapse, which will have the above four major impacts on the world's economy. But then again, the United States is the world's great power, economic power, big scientific and technological powers, and military powers. It is impossible to say that collapse will collapse.

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