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  1. This is hard to say. For more than a hundred years, the amount of preservation must not be large. If the car is auctioned, the price is definitely expensive, but I have not heard that someone auction this car and cannot give a specific price. Yinyun produced in 1962 to buy at least 15 million yuan. If the silver charm, auction of £ millions of pounds is no problem.

    1907 Silver Ghost (Silver Ghost) at the Paris Motor Expo received widespread attention. Its golden bell -shaped radiator is very eye -catching. To this day, this shape is still an irreplaceable design element of Rolls -Royce. The design concept of the car was also very different from other brands at the time. For example, in order to get the occupants to get off the car in the most elegant posture, the door adopted a carriage into the design, and the door was opened backwards. Such details made it recognized as the best cars in the world at that time. But it is interesting that it wasn't until this car stopped production that Rolls -Royce finally named it Sliver Ghost.
    In addition to the unique appearance, Yinmei also has the leading technology of the times: forced lubrication, 6 -cylinder 7L engine output power to reach 36kW, and the maximum speed is 110km / h. The durability of more than 22,500 kilometers continuously was a world record at the time. What's more valuable is that this car not only increased the length and the power became higher. Les also solved the vibration problem of the previous V6 engine, and the vibration often caused crankshaft breaks. At that time, the improved Rolls -Royce engine was quite smooth and quiet. With the outstanding performance of Sliver Ghost, the Rolls -Royce brand successfully ranked among the world's top car brands. After that, Rolls -Royce's other mass -produced cars gradually discontinued production. The company focused on research and development of high -end models prepared for the rich.
    By 1924, Rolls -Royce Company produced a total of 6,173 silver charm, all of which were manufactured by hand. Yinmei established its position in the world's car world for Rolls -Royce, and its prestige also passed to overseas quickly.

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