5 thoughts on “How to find out the transaction record of DNF gaming currency”

  1. 1. First open a hundred browsers on the desktop.
    2. Enter ww. .. COM enters Baidu's homepage. Degree
    3. After entering DNF, Baidu.
    4. Find the official website of DNF and click to enter. Question
    5. Find self -service on the official website of DNF. Answer
    6. Find a self -service tool.
    7. Find the Query of Money Flowing Water in the self -service tool.
    8. Enter your own information and click the query. You can check the record of gold coins.
    Extension information:
    DNF Character's daily gold coin transaction limit is calculated based on the character level. The specific calculation method of the transaction is:
    The upper limit of the gold coin is related to the level.
    2, storage restrictions, the upper limit of the package.
    3, the transaction is empty, record a day before 6 am.
    The upper limit of the daily gold coin transaction = the square of the character level (the unit is 10,000), that is, assuming that the character level is 50, the upper limit of the daily gold coin's daily coin is: 50 * 50 = 25 million.
    It what needs to be noted is that all the characters on the same account of DNF are not shared with the upper limit of the gold coin, and the upper limit of a character gold coin, but it can be transformed by another role.

  2. With the picture, it can prove that the buyer has no security mode with your transaction process. He can click on the trading key, which is enough to prove that there is no security mode during the transaction!

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