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  1. RSI, that is, the value of the relative high and low index, definition and its principles, is a technical curve chart made based on the sum of the sum of the sum of the increase and the sum of the sum of the increase and the sum of the number of ups and downs. It can reflect the depression level of the market within a certain period of time, and the actual operating indicators that are more integrated into the short -term price. The principle of RSI is simply to find the military strength of both parties in the transaction. For example, if there are 100 people deal with one product. If you buy more than 50 or more, the price will rise. Conversely, if 50 or more compete for selling, the price will certainly fall.
    The basic theory of high and low indicator indicates that the rise or plummeted of all market prices changes in the middle of 0-100. According to normal distribution, I feel that the RSI value changes in the middle of 30-70. Usually 80 or even 90 is felt that the market has arrived in the market that has arrived When buying a situation, the market price will definitely decline and adjust. When the price falls cheaply to 30, the following is a situation that it is superb, and the market price will generate rebounds. What is RSI? Relative high and low indicator RSI is the increase in market rising to the market within a certain period of time plus the decline.
    This is a reflection of transaction energy in total and graphics. Investors can predict future stock prices based on the changes in the market conditions and motion trajectory it reflected. Combined with reality, everyone usually cooperates with the moving average system to enhance the accuracy of the market forecast. The avenue is very simple. It is to use the market price parts and transaction levels to clarify the market mentality. It is super -buying and super -sale. You can see that the reference indicators are different.
    The analysis of technical indicators, paying attention to the analysis of the price and space. This indicator is analyzed at the price, time, and air. The amount of transaction must be accumulated to be more standardized. At the same time The degree will be higher. Relative high and low indicator RSI is based on the principle of supply and demand equilibrium in the stock market. According to the intensity of the rise and fall of individual stock prices during a period of time, or how much the index value of the entire market is analyzed, the transaction energy of both and short parties on the market in the market will be analyzed. The level of height and low, and then distinguish a technical indicator of the market market in the future.

  2. First of all, be sure to analyze the position of the RSI indicator. RSI> 50 is a strong market, RSI u003C50 is the disadvantaged market, and second The RSI of the period belongs to a dead fork as a selling signal.

  3. There are 4 ways to use, depending on its form and value, and the departure of the cross indicators. The corresponding understanding can be better for financial management, mainly to observe the corresponding understanding of its numerical changes and various indicators.

  4. The combination of RSI and currency flow, analyze the indicators of RSI, analyze the departure from the beef back with the bear back, analyze the super purchase and overtake, and analyze its trend.

  5. You can look at its form, you can look at its value, it can also be seen by its cross, and it can also be seen by its changes. It can also be seen from its departure.

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