4 thoughts on “Is there a badge on Baidu Tieba? Intersection Intersection Pay or free? Intersection”

  1. There are many badges, paid, and free of charge.
    The personal center of the post bar, and then click on the mark of the red circle to appear the badge.
    If the badge is locked, it means that you have not unlocked the badge, you need to get it through the prescribed procedure before you can open it.
    1. Some badges need to be added to the post bar organization to obtain. Take the Blue Shield as an example. You can click the logo and then click "Details" to jump to the relevant post page.
    In the procedure of the post, after becoming a member of the official blue shield, you can get the badge.
    2, some badges need to be purchased with T beans, such as "red" and "fire". T beans are virtual currencies, 10RMB is equal to 10,000 T beans, and super members add 5%.
    3, some badges need to participate in activities to obtain, such as "Boxing Seal".

    The method of obtaining you can click on the badge for details.

    Suggedly refer to the post: tieba./p/? pn = 1

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