1 thought on “Is it useful to send the AAA certificate by the blue shield?”

  1. it works.
    Ifish data and trustworthy corporate certificates are an honorary qualification, which is a qualification to enhance corporate credibility and influence.
    1, Blue Shield Co., Ltd. Full of Lan Shield Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., the company's security products cover physical and industrial control security, network and application security, cloud computing big data security, mobile security, risk management and security management, electricity management, electricity, electricity, electric Business safety and personal safety, urban emergency and production emergency safety, military industry and confidential safety, 80 series of more than 300 series of more than 300 models of 300 models.
    2. With the completion of more and more big data centers, more and more open data. If you do not do data security guarantee construction as soon as possible, there will be more and more problems. getting more serious. At present, more and more industry data is concentrated, using cloud center virtualization platforms, and the Hadoop/Spark platform.
    3, Blue Shield Information Security Technology Co., Ltd. is registered in Tianhe District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province. Information Technology Co., Ltd., Huitongbao Payment Co., Ltd., etc.

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