1 thought on “Where is the small black box H currency mall?”

  1. 1. Open the small black box icon on the phone desktop and open the small black box app.
    2, click "I" in the lower right corner to enter the login interface.
    3. Click login. If you have already registered, choose to log in. Enter the username and password to complete the login. If you have no registered account, select the registration.
    4. Log in to the main interface.
    5, after login is completed, you can purchase games at the "Game Library" interface.
    6, first click the "game library" below the interface to enter the interface of the game library. A lot of games can be seen in the interface of the game library, and you can choose the game you want to buy in these menus for purchase. You can also search the game through the search function in the upper right corner to find the game you want faster.
    7. If you buy games with H coins, there is H coin mall at the top right of the game library to find the game you want in the H currency mall. In the mall, you can also search for games through the search bar.
    8, select the game you want to buy, click the game to enter the purchase interface of the game. Click the "purchase" in the lower right corner of the purchase interface to enter the payment purchase.
    9. You can click OK to buy it for the price.

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