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  1. In order to ensure the health of the personnel of the people in and out of the country, the World Health Organization is required to be provided by personnel, transportation, goods, and luggage, which are infected and carried out through the infection and luggage of the country. 》 (Ie Yellow Paper). Its role is to avoid infection through sanitary epidemic prevention measures. If the entry and exit of the borders do not carry this yellow paper, the customs of the country's customs health and epidemic prevention personnel have the right to refuse them to enter and leave the country, and even take mandatory quarantine measures. Therefore, in addition to those who go abroad, in addition to having valid passports, valid visas, entry and exit cards, and certified notarization, they should also go to the health quarantine department where they are located for sanitary quarantine and vaccination, and receive yellow books. The validity period of the Yellow Paper varies from the type of disease: Take cholera as an example, the validity period of the yellow paper is 6 days after the vaccination, and it is valid within 6 months. , Effective within L0 days.

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