2 thoughts on “I now have 50q coins in QQ. I want to buy NetEase points.”

  1. 1. Q coins are a virtual currency launched by Tencent, which are mainly used to buy virtual products and services it provided.

    2 After the recharge of Q coins, it can be used to recharge the game vouchers in Tencent, or it can be used to open a monthly service, but it cannot be used directly for consumption outside Tencent. Therefore, Q coins have no way to buy NetEase point card directly.
    3. If you want to buy a NetEase point card with Q coins in QQ, it is recommended that you exchange Q coins to Alipay balance.
    4. Find "Q coins consignment" in the mobile phone app store to find a platform that supports Q coins to exchange Alipay balance.

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