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  1. There are five common CAM explanations:
    1, CAM (computer -assisted manufacturing, computer -assisted manufacturing): use computer to manage the management control and operation process of production equipment. This is a process line input and processing parts and output information as the mold and CNC program when the trajectory (knife file).
    2, supplement and alternative medicine, supplement and alternative medicine.
    also refers to the contentsable memory (content addressable memory).
    3, the film used: CAM (gun version)
    CAM is usually completed with digital video cameras recorded from the cinema. The abbreviation of the number camera or camera is commonly known as the gun version. Mini tripod is sometimes used, but most of the time is impossible, so the camera will shake. Therefore, the pictures we see are usually dim characters often distort, and the title is often tilted. Recording sounds from the microphone that comes with the camera, the audience's laughter can often hear. Due to these factors, images and sound quality are usually poor.
    4, cell adhesion molecules (cell adhesion molecules, CAM)
    The participation is called cell adhesion molecular cell adhesion molecules.
    5. Condition receiving module (condition receiving module),
    M common paid TV head -end terminals and interpretation modules are satellite TV noun categories.
    The CAF is the international shipping surcharging. It is a rate, as a percentage of general forms, for example: 17.9 %; but the route of individual shipping companies or individuals is the specific amount to be charged, such as $ 20/ Teu. The full name is the currency adjustment that the domestic currency charges, also known as the currency exchange rate adjustment of surcharges or adjustment fees.
    1, CAF's charges are generally in Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea routes. Adjust once a month, different standards. According to different shipping companies, some sea freight is the CAF multiplied by the percentage rate, that is, the specific CAF amount is obtained. For example, in September 2008, the Shanghai Zhonghai Jiyun Burger Hambiri shipping cost was $ 900/ Teu, and the CAF rate was 17.9 %. So the specific cost of CAF per Teu is $ 900* 17.9 % = USD161.1.
    2, because some points are inland, some ship companies CAF CAF multiplied by not only shipping, but (freight transportation fee)* CAF rate.
    3, some ship companies adopt a fixed amount of CAF. For example, Wanhai directly USD20/30 (20/40) was directly CAF in September 2008, but there was no fixed interest rate.
    It the above three cases, the first two, the first three are individual situations. Insufficient experience.
    CAF in October 2008:
    Prior to this, CAF formulated a trains guild. With the dissolving of the Far East Bancelona Association (Fefc) in mid -October. Since October, CAF will formulate different shipping companies itself.

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