5 thoughts on “What are the software for making money on the Internet?”

  1. For example, the download of the Android phone "Today's Toutiao Extraction" (currently only available for Android machines, you must have this version to accumulate gold coins for cash withdrawal function). I have been using it to read news articles. After logging in, click on the right side of the avatar to "go to receive money", then click the newcomer reward, and then enter the invitation code EJBKX9W. After that, you can read the latest dynamics of the society every day and you can earn money by the way.

  2. It has been one and a half years in contact with this APP software. After a period of operation, I am quite familiar with this software, so I can also answer many netizens' questions. For example, some people ask how to make money fast?

    , the code download app

    After installing this software, we can register as a member with our mobile phone number, and then we can do it on it. The task has made money. No matter what type of task you like to do, you can find it almost on this software.

    1. Simple reward

    Simple rewards are some simple tasks, such as going to add a WeChat signal, and some people read Articles, some are bargaining others, and the commission of some tasks is not high. Generally, about 0.2 yuan

    2. n Many of them are to be tied, so some people feel that there are unsafe risks, and this requires everyone to measure themselves. In addition to some tasks of card tiers in high -priced rewards, there are some downloading software experiences, so if you think that if you are not safe, you can do these tasks. Generally speaking, commissions are higher than other tasks. Many.

    3. Questionnaire survey

    most of the questionnaires will not be too difficult. There will be a simple screening before the questionnaire, which meets the requirements. You can do it. Those who do not meet the requirements must not be done, so everyone should take a look before doing it. If you feel that you can do it, you can apply. If you feel that you ca n’t do it, give up and save time.

    4. Welfare tasks

    Welfare tasks. It has a special welfare circle to provide various benefits for netizens.

    knows so many tasks to choose from, so how to do the task? APP is a platform for rewarding the main task, so it is not that you can do it when you see the task, but there are certain steps.

    1. Register to do a reward task. Isn't there a lot of tasks? When you want to do, you choose to register. This is something that must be done before doing the task.

    2. After the registration is successful, we must do the task in accordance with the requirements of the reward task. After completion, we must submit it according to the task requirements and wait for the review.

    3. After the task is submitted, the reward will be reviewed. Only the trial task will get the bounty. The bounty is automatically entered into the member account. Therefore, when you do every task, you must look closely and strictly follow the requirements, otherwise you will do it in vain if you do not pass it.

    The everyone knows how to do tasks. Yuan 7 days (three tasks can be released at the same time), a monthly member 200 a month (8 tasks can be released at the same time), annual members 2000 a year (can release more than 20 tasks at the same time). At the same time

    is actually a platform that helps each other. You can make money on the task or publish tasks on it. This is an interactive platform.

  3. Watching the news makes money, such mobile phone making software fun headlines, Oriental headlines, fun watching the world, benefiting headlines, etc. are more popular. Users can generate benefits while reading news information. The threshold is not high and the operation is simple. There is a common income method for these software to make money, that is, to receive apprentices. Although reading can make money, the benefits are too small after all, and the reward of apprentices is the most important way to make money. It is no exaggeration to say that as long as you can promote it properly, the apprentice of the apprentice is high enough every day, and the benefits are very generous. For example, if you look at the world, an active apprentice only needs to open a few news information for reading every day. It may be only three minutes, and your income will receive a 0.9 yuan red envelope. Imagine if you have 100 such active apprentices every day.

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