5 thoughts on “What is an app that can make money by watching news?”

  1. It is recommended that Sohu News and Oriental Headlines, as well as fun to see the world, Zhongqing's highlights, etc. Ordinary users can get benefits while reading news, but only by accepting apprentices can get high returns. Users can read the news recommended by the APP, or to choose the content you are interested in reading. There is no mandatoryness, and it is the same as usual as usual.

  2. There are too many apps to make money when watching news. Essence More reliable is Baidu Speed ​​Edition. It is recommended to install good -looking videos. Watch a lot of small videos. After completing the task every day, you can get at least 100 yuan per month

  3. You can try the UC headline. The topic reports are okay. The content is still very real
    and there are many channels, covering all aspects of life in life. Basically, you can understand the information of all aspects.
    The users are more inclined to personalized reading, so most users have turned to UC headlines

  4. Forwarding to make money, it will be 0.9 yuan /l6hxi4//.Pssy?from= R n or 0.32 yuan of
    .lvtaozi02/download/? E = _WMKZYB7U?

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