3 thoughts on “Detailed address of the Zhanjiang Stock Exchange (accountable)? Detailed to the street.”

  1. The question you ask is not correct. There is no testimony of Zhanjiang. There are only two in China. Da was in the former Bank of Communications Building, and the sports ground was stationed. The China Investment was at the building next door to the Construction Bureau of Kangshun Road. Xiashan only knew on the first floor of the Zhanjiang Youth Library, Yan'an Road, and the street behind Children's Park. There is also a Dongguan certificate volume in Kanjin Shawan. On the first floor of Guanhai Road, Guanhai No. 1 real estate, I know the manager of the company's certificate. If necessary, you can ask.

  2. Cinda Securities Zhanjiang Zhongshan One Road Sales Department
    Address: No. 22 Zhongshan One Road

    Thezhong Investment Securities Zhanjiang Sales Department
    Address: 61 Kangning Road
    Tel: (0759 ) 3221700, (0759) 3221701

  3. Mine was opened in Everbright Securities. At the opposite side of Xiashanxiong Plaza near the branch station. Nineths of the handling fees are mine. You remember that the handling fee is lower than those who ask those people. In fact, where you go to open an account, it is mainly to see the handling fee of the transaction. Now the stock market is sluggish, it is recommended to invest cautious investment, and get rid of the rich. Essence Essence

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