1 thought on “Angel investment and angel wheels, are you still unclear?”

  1. The general definition of private equity funds is generally invested in the shares of corporate equity that is not listed in a non -public investor. The English name of the private equity fund is Private Equity. The literal translation should be private rights and interests. It is generally referred to as PE at home and abroad.

    PE is to raise funds in non -public ways and invest funds from the equity of the targeted or unlisted company in the listed company. And through comparison, we also know the difference between private equity funds and private equity funds and private equity securities funds.

    In basic definitions, we can start talking about the classification of PE, and at the same time, we can also solve a doubt of everyone. Usually we always heard that angel investment, venture capital, and entrepreneurial investment, and I heard that a company has received a round A, B, C -round, and round D investment. So what are the connections for this statement and what are the differences? We explain this question clearly by talking about PE classification.

    PE can actually be divided into a broad sense and narrow sense. The general sense is what we have defined in the aforementioned definition, and in a narrow sense, it refers to a private equity fund mainly based on the equity of enterprises in investment development.

    The angel investment and VC investment are actually classified by the investment stage. According to different investment phases, it can be divided into angel investment, VC, PE, PRE-IPO, PIPE, M

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