2 thoughts on “Isn't it a listed company, can there be an investment party?”

  1. Not a listed company can have investment party.
    The biggest difference between listed companies and non -listed companies is that their rights are different. Listed companies can use the securities market to raise funds to widely absorb idle funds in the society. Non -listed companies cannot.
    The differences between listed companies and non -listed companies:
    1. Different rights: Listed companies can use the securities market to raise funds to widely absorb the idle funds in the society, so as to quickly expand the size of the enterprise and enhance the competitiveness of products With market share, not listed companies do not have this right;
    2, different conditions: The total share capital of the listed company is not less than RMB 30 million, and the opening time is more than three years. In the past three years, it has continuously made profitability in the past three years. Instead of listed companies do not need these conditions;
    3, financial disclosure: Listed companies need to disclose their financial conditions in accordance with regulations, rather than listed companies do not require disclosure of financial conditions.

  2. Not a listed company can have investment party. Companies without listed are also shareholders and directors.
    The conditions required for the company's listing:
    The main qualifications of the company: From the perspective of the company's organization, the company is divided into limited liability companies and joint -stock companies. Only joint -stock companies have the basic conditions for listing. Limited liability companies have the development needs of listing. The first thing that is carried out is the transformation of the joint -stock system to transform the limited liability company into a joint -stock company. The limited liability company does not transform into a shareholding limited public, and the limited liability company itself cannot be listed.
    The independence of the company: It is mainly to examine whether the company is illegally controlled by major shareholders and actual controllers, and whether it violates the legitimate rights and interests of small and medium shareholders.
    The company standard operation.
    The company's finance and accounting.
    The use of funds: The main purpose of the company's listing is to raise funds and invest in the company's development projects. After the funds are raised, the company must strictly use the pre -formulated raised funds.

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