1 thought on “Is the RMB system in my country or a credit currency system?”

  1. my country's RMB system is a credit currency system.
    The credit currency is stipulated by national laws, and forced circulation does not exert currency functions based on independent currency functions based on any precious metals. The currency issued by countries around the world is basically a credit currency.
    The credit currency is a credit device provided by banks. Its value is far lower than its currency value, and unlike the currency of the substitute, it is completely decoupled from precious metals and no longer directly represents any precious metals. In the 1930s, a worldwide economic crisis occurred, causing economic panic and financial confusion.
    Forced major capitalist countries to escape from gold and silver, and the banknotes issued by the state can no longer exchange metal currencies. Therefore, credit currencies came into being. Almost all countries around the world adopt this currency form.

    The credit currency has the following characteristics:
    ⒈ is the value symbol of the currency.
    货 Credit currency is debt currency.
    货 Credit currency is mandatory.
    信 The state controls and manage credit currency.

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