How to find Google mailbox?

Both accounts and passwords forget t^t, other mailboxes written during registration

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  1. Method of Google mailbox:

    1, first click on the homepage- "[Need to help];
    2, click- [Forgot password] -"Enter the mailbox-" [Continue];
    3, the verification code on the input diagram, click [continue];
    4, the last password to be used here, As long as the password used before, it is not necessarily the last time. If it does not work, click [Unclear];

    5, here will be prompted by another mailbox for registration, Click [Continue];
    6, another mailbox for backing when logging in, open the email issued in the mailbox, and click the connection; Jump to the page that reset the password and re -enter the new password to log in.

  2. 1. Baidu take a look at the entrance to the Google, and then click "Need for help" under the form;

    . Then select "Forget Password";

    . Continue;

    4. Fill in the last password used by the last time, click to continue;

    5. Select the method of obtaining the mobile phone verification code, fill in the full number of the mobile phone, Then click to continue, get the verification code verification;

    6. Click to continue, you can change the password to set the settings.

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