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  1. Doge originated from an online animation series called Homestar Runner. In this animation, the dog is called "Doge".
    It online pictures are mostly English photos with Shiba Inu photos with Comic Sans fonts, often representing representative words such as "very", "so", "wow", or Shiba Inu's facial features to other objects to other objects Sometimes, PS Dafa changes the face of Shiba Inu, making it look more like a human expression to achieve the effect of "contrast".
    "God's Bad Dog", "Kabosu sauce". The prototype is a Japanese mother Shiba Inu called Kabosu. The Shiba Inu pictures that were just cute were changed into various characters. After adding "wow", "Such XX" and other grammar groups, its nonsense style swept the global network circle, and was crowned with a proper term " The slang of Doge "(English words" DOG ") was rated as an annual cultural phenomenon by TV stations such as NBC, and even a virtual currency" dog currency "
    with its expression as a sign.

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