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  1. Legal analysis: (1) Bank cards and card funds, related to criminal banks are related to people
    During the investigation of the case, public security organs, if they involve stolen money and stolen goods, they tend to seize, seize, freeze the stolen money involved in the case, freeze, and freeze the stolen money involved. Essence All property, car, bank card, stock cards, stocks, securities, equity, etc. under the name of the suspect will seize, seize, freeze all or all of them to find out the facts of the case. Essence
    It, the property, car, bank card, stock card, stock, securities, equity, etc. under the name of close relatives of these criminal suspects, and the public security organs will also seize, seize, freeze all of them or all of them or all of them. , Avoid transfer of criminal suspects and their close relatives.
    (2) Bank cards and card funds, related to public security investigating criminal cases
    card owner bank cards have been online gambling, or purchasing online illegal lottery tickets now many people will be in their spare time. WeChat and other methods enter various types of illegal gambling websites, lottery websites or download apps for gambling or purchasing illegal lottery tickets, thinking that it may be just a leisure and entertainment activity. However, because the online gambling platform often uses the bank account of the money laundering gang, it will easily cause bank cards to be frozen. The card owner is engaged in virtual currency/blockchain transactions, and investment behavior
    Ifly engaged in virtual currency, frozen bank cards can easily receive bank funds transferred from illegal and criminal teams, and it is easy to be frozen by public security. The card owner is engaged in foreign trade receiving other strange third -party transfer, or actively exchange for exchange
    . In this case, the freezing bank card often does not participate or engaged in any illegal criminal activities. I illegal activities such as lottery tickets did not participate in criminal activities such as telecommunications fraud, but were frozen by the public security organs. Then, you need to carefully investigate the flow of all the recent banks, especially the flowing water, which is very likely to be caused by the transfer of suspects such as suspected fraud, gambling, and money laundering. measure. The card owner received normal funds, but it was affected by the frozen bank card of the remittance. N. If the card owner did not participate in any illegal crime, it also received a normal payment. Criminal cases are frozen and may also cause my bank card to be frozen.
    The legal basis: "Provisions on the Supreme People's Court on Civil Execution of the People's Court of Civil Court"
    Article 21 See, seize, and freeze the property of the person in order It is sufficient to settle the amount and execution costs determined by the legal documents, and must not obviously exceed the standard sealing, seizure, and freezing. Those who discover over -the -standard sealing, seizure, and freezing, the people's court shall promptly release the seizure, seizure, and freezing of the excessive amount of property in accordance with the application of the person or in accordance with its authority. Other property or other property that can be executed is not enough to settle debts.
    It 33 The financial institutions have thawed the amount frozen by the people's court without authorization, and the freezing payment is transferred, and the people's court has the right to order it to recover the transferred money within a time limit. If it fails to recover within the time limit, it shall be ruled that the financial institution shall bear the responsibility to the applicant's executor with its own property within the scope of the transfer of the transfer.
    37 After the relevant unit receives a notice from the people's court to assist in the execution of the person's income, it shall be paid to the person or others without permission. In this regard, it shall be ruled that it shall bear the responsibility to the application executive in the amount of payment.
    The "Explanation of the Supreme People's Court on the Application of the Civil Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China" Article 487 The period of freezing the bank deposit of the people's court shall not exceed one year. It must not exceed two years, and the deadline for seizing real estate and freezing other property shall not exceed three years. If the application for the application for extension, the people's court shall go through renewal seizure, seizure, and frozen procedures before the expiration of seizure, seizure, and freezing. The people's courts can also go through the procedures for renewal, seizure, and freezing in accordance with their powers.

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