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  1. I. English: GIFT MONEY, pronunciation: [gɪft] [mʌnɪ]
    , phrase:
    the gift of money Gift-Money

    . Sentence:
    1, how to die, a gift of money?
    A sum of money?
    2, a red packet is simply a red envelope with gift money in it, which lucking and wealth. n red envelopes are just a red envelope containing money, which symbolizes good luck and wealth.

  2. Gift Money

    This New Year's New Year's money is a custom of Chinese New Year. However, the money for the New Year is still very particular, and you have to give new money. Recently, people who specialized new money in the bank had lined up in the bank. Some companies also prepared a brand new 50 and 100 yuan face -value RMB at the time of the year -end bonus.

    The relevant reports are as follows: To present childland innly printed cash as your, or gift money, is one ritual of chinese in lunar new year. Customs are generally elders for their juniors. It is said that New Year's money can hold the evil spirits. Because of the homonym of "years" and "sneaky", children who get the money for New Year can spend one year peacefully. There is no corresponding expression in English. Gift Money is translated according to the meaning of "New Year's Eve", that is, "Give the money as a gift to the child".

    This Red Packets (CASH WRAPPED Up in Red Paper, Symbolize Fortune and Wealth in the Coming
    year.) rnCulture Note: In the old days, New Year's money was given in the form of one hundred copper coins strung together on a red string and the hope that one would live to be a hundred years old. Today, money is Placed Inside Red Envelopes in And Given to Represent Luck and Wealth
    References: Main information comes from China Daily WebSite

  3. Teach you a few different ways to express money. Which one do you think is better? Have you received the New Year's money?
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  4. lucky
    New year money
    . Another saying
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    Is my answer to help you
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