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  1. Recently, many netizens will say that their dogs are disobedient, and they will make a lot of anger at home all day. Look at the dogs of other people's houses. As for, more and more shovel officers have trained their dogs from an early age.
    Is know that we have the most powerful learning ability when we were young, and dogs are no exception. The dog's exploration and acceptance of new things before the age of one are very strong. From the perspective of psychological age, at this time, it is still in the puppies, and most of them will allow dogs to receive some subject training during this time.
    For dog training, many people use food as a bait to induce the dog to complete the fixed movement step by step. It ’s like keeping the dog with snacks to keep static, like throwing snacks to move forward or so on. Now the idea of ​​shoveling officer is only I ca n’t think of it. Favorite toys, the owner can not leave his hand with the toy. When the dog completes all the actions you require, toys and encourage it. But the owner took the toy at a specific time and told him that if he was obedient, he could give him again. But remember not to let the dogs form a movement in the brain. I obey to get toys. Such dogs will only obey toys, rather than really surrender in the heart.
    The training, repeatedly guide the dog. I give my house, and we will give food as an encouragement immediately. In this way, the dog will remember that when it is the action that the owner said, there will be food to reward it to eat it. Daily training needs to pay attention to diet. I usually eat my dogs and not greasy dog ​​food. It is pretty good. I have no tear marks and my hair is much better. In addition, I feed some vegetables and fruits.
    Below, the editor summarizes the main points:
    First, determine the status of the owner, and tell the dog that you are the leader and the owner.
    Secondly, don't treat dogs completely as a person. You must know that the dog's communication method is the same as that of emotional expression. It is the same as that of our human beings.
    Third, the dogs must be stopped at the beginning of the matter, and it is necessary to start to the end. Only your attitude is determined that the dog will really correct it.
    Fourth, insist on walking the dog every day. The dog needs to exercise. Put him at home every day and take her out of the toilet. The dog will live very depressed.
    Is love dogs, to think about the dogs, and to encourage it is an excellent way.

  2. rn 贝生吉犬(详情介绍) rn 从狗狗进门的那一天开始,我们和狗狗之间就有了一份无形的羁绊,所以我们应该尽自己最大的努力来将Dogs are raised well because we have this responsibility. If you want to raise a dog, first of all, what we need to know is how to get along with the dog correctly. Only by getting along with the dog can we understand them more.

    1 1. Put the dog as your partner and friends, patiently breeding, care and tuning it, and must not be moody to it.
    2. Dogs cannot have human intelligence and cannot conduct logical thinking, so they do not understand human language. It can only learn through memory. Therefore, if you have the patience during training, you must repeat the password or a gesture, and gradually make it a certain behavior habit.
    3. The emotional connection between people and dogs is based on people and dogs and dogs as their partners as a prerequisite. Therefore, the owner should contact the dog more and get along well.
    . Among the many dogs, there are great differences in the good -learning attitude, adaptability and understanding of each dog. Therefore, the owner must treat the dogs differently, and must not abandon and abuse the latter.
    5. During the feeding, the owner must understand the physical and physiological characteristics of the dog raised in order to domesticate and shape it in a targeted manner. rn 6.在与狗相处的过程中,主人应以爱心、耐心和谅解贯彻始终,那种失去理智,动辄就揍狗、虐待狗的做法是不可取的。 Even if the dog makes mistakes, punishment should be appropriate.
    7. The reward and punishment for dogs should be appropriate and timely. This will play a role of less effort to the dog training and shaping.
    8. Do not drow too much on the dog or be too partial. The dog should be punished appropriately when making a mistake.
    The days when dogs get along with us are not a day or two, so for us, dogs can be said to be another relative, so we must use tolerance for them. To criticize in time, we must educate them well.

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