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  1. At present, not all courier companies in my country have pets checked express delivery business, and not all pets can be checked. Generally, small courier sites cannot undertake such businesses. Most of them are large courier sites or headquarters to have this business. Therefore, first of all, you need to find a courier company and a courier site that can take on such a business. You can call first.
    1. Call the courier company to consult whether there is a pet courier consignment business, only large express delivery sites or headquarters;
    2, to inform the other party which pets need to express and how big information, and how big the basic information can be used, you can make your pets. Send to the courier point;
    3. Fill in the relevant courier orders, and the courier will take the pet away. At this time, the premium needs to be paid;
    4, pets are generally air transport, that is, pet consignment, this is also express delivery Reasons for high pet prices.

  2. Express companies do not transport livers. There are only three types of dog transportation:
    1, aviation transportation, air transportation is the fastest, but the cost is high, and the "Animal Husbandry Bureau" at the place where the airport is located to open a "quarantine certificate", There is no "quarantine certificate", the airport refuses to transport;
    2, railway transportation, the railway station in each city has "China Railway Express". The cost of using train fast sports objects is slightly lower than air transport, and a "quarantine certificate" also needs to be issued.
    3, passenger car transportation, you can go to your local "passenger terminal" to find the "passenger car" who reaches direct destinations, discuss with the driver, and the driver will generally tell you where to wait for his car Then you use a cage to install the puppy and write a piece of paper with the name and phone number of the dogs. When the car comes, even the dog and the paper are handed over to the driver.
    The freight is best to tell the driver to "pay", that is, the dog will pay the driver's freight, so that the driver will carefully take care of the puppy during the road. (Although the passenger transport is not as fast as air transport, it is much faster than the railway, and there is no need to go through many tedious procedures, the cost is the lowest).
    Extension information:
    The regulations
    1. Consignant consignment goods should fill in the domestic freight consignment and use their resident ID card or other valid ID. Effective proof, the shipper should also provide it.
    2. When the shipper consignment fresh and easy to rot, live animals, emergency items and goods that have time restrictions are required, they should first book flights to the airline freight department, date, tonnage, and handle according to the agreed time and place. Consignment procedures.
    3, consignment of consignment of civil aviation restricting transportation and goods that need to go through the procedures for procedures such as public security, quarantine and other relevant departments shall present valid certification documents.
    4. Consignant response to the contents and accuracy of the content and documents provided by the consignment of the goods and the information provided by the consignment of the goods.
    5. The shipper consignment of goods due to different transportation conditions or unable to transport the nature of the goods shall fill in the freight consignment book.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Pet Check

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I have seen your question. I am sorting out the answer, please wait a while ~n1. Call the courier company to consult whether there is a pet courier consignment business, only large express delivery sites or headquarters; 2. If the other party needs which pets and basic information such as express delivery, you can send the pet to the courier point; 3 2. Fill in the relevant courier form, the courier will take the pet away, at this time, the premiums need to be paid; 4. Pets are generally air transport, that is, pet consignment, which is also the reason for the high courier pet price.nHow to calculate the cost, how much is the average?nHow to calculate the cost, how much is the average?nAnswer pet consignment prices are generally 200-500, depending on transportation tools, mileage and animals. It is best to have a aviation pet box.nAsk a question, thank younThanksnAnswers are not politen6 morenBleak

  4. Plane checked.
    does not need to say that it is more expensive in terms of price. Generally, it depends on the size, weight, and near -distance charges of pets. The process of cheating pets should be more detailed and cumbersome, and there are certain requirements for shoveling officers and pets.
    It must prepare enough water for your pet during the consignment process. If the distance is long, the food is also necessary. In addition, the shoveling officer should not feed the pet too much before the consignment, it is best to prevent the pet motion sickness.

  5. Dog Consignment: First of all, you have to issue a pet immune certificate at a regular pet hospital, and then buy a dog cage. Pet hospital you can call "114" to tell you, and then the pet hospital will tell you the specific consignment price.
    01, you can sit in a long -distance bus and put it in the suitcase, but it is easy to suffocate pets.
    02, you can check in by train, take your train ticket and immune certificate to the consignment office to go through the living body consignment procedures. People and dogs take the same train. The dog is in the luggage car. water.
    03, the aircraft is also available, placed in the warehouse
    dog dog boarding process:
    (1) Consultation to the airline before buying a ticket, whether the plane has an oxygen compartment, and then propose to propose Consignment requirements.
    (2) Take a puppy to the animal quarantine station where the residence is located to issue a quarantine qualification certificate, or go directly to the capital airport animal quarantine supervision station for on -site quarantine. The cost is about 140 yuan.
    (3) Put the puppy in a strong cage to resist, so as not to be injured or escaped.
    (4) Send the puppy to the airport by itself.
    (5) While changing the boarding pass, the puppy checked procedures.
    (6) Pay the puppy consignment fee. Consignment costs are full -price air tickets × 1.5 % × (total weight of pet cage).

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