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  1. There are more and more people who raise dogs. I believe that many pet owners will encounter the problem of how to drive dogs in the process of raising dogs. Let me share it with you.
    . The puppies for deworming time are generally releted for the first time around the full month. Six months ago puppies, once a month, once a month, puppies and adult dogs after six months. Demoded once a month.
    . The method of insect repellent. For in vitro parasites, we usually use drops. Generally, the medicine is dripped on the dog's neck. This is to prevent the dog from vomiting. For parasites in the body, most of them are feeding deworming medicines. You can open the dog's mouth, put the insect repellent directly to the throat, and then close the dog's mouth for about 10 seconds, let the dog completely swallow the pills, or mix the deworming medicine into the dog's food. It can take the medicine by the way when it eats.
    . The use of insect repellent should be paid to the use of insect repellent drugs. Do not use too much. In addition, dogs with poor gastrointestinals after insect repellent will vomit and thinner. You can feed some pet probiotics to reduce the irritation of the intestinal tract, regulate the stomach, and solve the problems of vomiting, dilute. Also feed more after feeding the deworming medicine, feed more every hour, just about 10 to 20 ml.
    If 4. Regularly deworming parasites affect the health of the dog, and it is also dangerous to the owner's body. It can ensure the health of the dog and also ensure that the family can be guaranteed.
    Dog dog breeding:

    In addition to doing a good job of deworming, we should also pay attention to feed raw meat for dogs. Raw meat contains a lot of bacteria and parasites. Dogs are easy to get sick and uncomfortable, or they still have to eat dog food. It is best to choose a low -salt, which contains natural food with high fresh meat. Usually feed some vegetables and fruits, so that the health of the dog is guaranteed.

  2. To remove insects for dogs, we must first understand what parasites often have in the dog's body. The following is briefly listed:
    1. The common body insects

    are mainly thread bugs and tapeworms. For example, tapeworms, hookworms, and nematodes, basically each dog will appear in the body. Dogs are stained with these types of insects in the body.

    Cinomacular vomiting, dilute or soft stool, especially in the stool with brushes. Severe vomit and diarrhea may have live insects. At the same time, the dog is thin, does not eat dry, and the hair color is messy and lustrous. It is difficult to find the worm eggs in the stool.

    2, the corms and trichomonas

    The balls of balls parasitic in dogs are divided and proliferated in the small intestine mucosal epithelial cells, and the parasites are destroyed The cells in the area are invisible to the naked eye. Puppies are relatively easy to dye. Dog farms with bad guards are common. Therefore, puppies that are usually bought from the dog farm have two types of insects in the body.

    The symptoms: puppies infection can cause diarrhea. Sometimes symptoms such as blood stool, indigestion, anemia, and weakness. The dog is extremely thin, the mucous membrane is white, and the hair color is messy.

    3, Toxoplasma

    The bow -shaped worm is a type of parasitic worm commonly affected by humans and animals. It will be immune for life after infection. The hazard of Toxoplasma is more harmful, which may lead to continuous high fever. Infection of Toxoplasma during pregnancy may cause baby deformity.

    So according to daily needs, the puppies should pay attention to the removal of balls and trichomonas. The daily deworming is mainly driven by nematodes and tapeworms. Children, although they can be immune to bowworms, they can still be driven in a targeted manner (so prepare children, do not lose the hairy children because of horror).

    The cycles of deworming for dogs:
    The first insect repellent should be carried out 20 to 30 days after birth. However, if the dog has not supported it home, it is recommended that the dog live at home for a week or two to determine that the dog's physical condition is good, and there is no discomfort to remove the dog. Mainly driven bugs and body surface parasites. Then deworming is carried out every 2 to 4 months, and insect repellent twice after an adult.
    The above is some suggestions on how to drive dogs.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, repellent through the body and outside the bodynThe puppies are mainly deworming inside and outside the body by external titules and internal deworming medicines. First of all, puppies deworming is generally recommended at about 25 daysnBecause most puppies will have intestinal parasites, this is due to the infection of the female dog through the placenta or milk, so don't be lucky to repel the dog. Feed according to the dog's weightnI asked my Corki puppies now for more than 50 days and almost two months. The dog said that it had been vaccinated before I had a needle vaccine. After a few days, take it to re -vaccine, when will the body be dewheed in the body and outside the body?nAnswer the body deworming: 2 to 3 weeks after the dog is born, it should be deworming in the body once. Wait until the dog is deworming in the body after 50 days. To decide according to the weight of the dog, the specific dosage can be asked to ask the local veterinarian.nIn vitro deworming: Dogs should be deworming in vitro after all vaccines, and then repeated insect repellent once a year, twice a year. Specifically use that external deworming medicine to refer to local pet hospitals or animal husbandry stations. Dog except can effectively prevent parasites such as dog skin diseases, lice, flea and other parasites.nAsk me to take it to take vaccines and vaccines in two days to remove insects in the body?nThe best answer is a week laternCan you take Nicole's external driver internal and deworming medicine?nAnswer the two does not affect each other. There is no problem using at the same time. If you feel more troublesome, you can use the internal and external insect repellent medicines, which are now more, both effective and simple.nAsk how to treat Corgi puppies coughnIn the early days of the cough of the dog nest, you can drink some antiviral oral solution for puppy, such as: double Huanglian oral liquid, snake gallbladder Sichuan liquid, etc., and match the injection ground. At the same time, you need to pay attention to keeping warm measures for the dogs, and you must disinfect the room at the same timenMore 10nBleak

  4. Drive the dog, you can take the dog directly to the pet shop to do a professional cleaning work. This can ensure that there is no bug in the dog.

  5. 1. Common parasites in vitro are: flea, lice, and tapeworms. Generally, in vitro can use lice to drove Ronini;
    2. Parasites commonly used in the body are: tapeworms, tapeworms, hookworms, insects, whip worms, whip worms, whip worms, whip worms , Generally, you can eat small pets to kill alptol;
    3. There are also some convenient drops of insect repellent in the body and outside of the body, generally Avinin and Ivechin. The pet owner chooses insect dewlogen to avoid Evis and Avinin category

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